Cory Snyder-Profile

US Team Member: 2009-2020 Seasons
Hometown: Sugar Hill, NH
Home Ski Hill/Resort: Cannon Mountain, NH / Flachau, Austria 
Littleton, NH
Birthdate: 1992
Education:   B.S. Kinesiology: Exercsie Science, University of New Hampshire-2015; M.S. Exercise and Nutrition Science, Montana State University-2018; PhD. Sports Science Biomechanics, University of Salzburg
Personal Sponsors: Atomic Skis
USTSA Sponsors: Karbon, Global Rescue,  Saucer Wax, Minus33, Telemarkdown, 22 Designs

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Skiing History:

Cory first started skiing as a two year old at Cannon Mountain in Franconia, New Hampshire. His uncle set him up on straight K2’s with 3 pin bindings and leather boots when he was seven. He bought a seasons pass to Cannon and started skiing every weekend, using both telemark and alpine skis. His Uncle happens to be a high school friend of Chris Rice (Former US Team Member and National Champion) and that was his introduction to racing. The 2007 season saw Cory’s first racing action, with a win at the Gunstock Sprint Classic. In the 2008 He attended nationals in Tamarack, Idaho. He also raced in the World Cup Finals in Sugarbush, VT, earning him a nomination to the US Development Team. The rest as they say is history!

Goals and Motivation:
The pursuit of the perfect telemark turn. During my time on the US Telemark Ski Team, I can honestly say that I have only made a handfull. The feeling of a perfect, or more often really nice, telemark turn is unparalleled (pun most certainly intended). It is the relentless pursuit of that feeling that keeps me going. That and who doesn’t want to be the best telemark skier in the world?

Why do I Telemark Race?
I race because telemark is skiing in its most full and pure form. It is the ultimate ski race. From the sheer rush of laying deep arcs through gates, hucking your meat off the jump, then hauling you-know-what into the 360, and the skating as hard as possible to the finish, telemark is sport unlike any other.

Interesting Facts About Myself:

An avid outdoors-man, I enjoy hiking and mountain biking. Although the White Mountains are where I earned my chops, these days I can be found frolicking through the Austrian Alps near Salzburg where I am working on my PhD. Music is also a huge part of my life, and I can always be counted on to have a little ditty in my head.

Competition Results:

2019 Highlights

FIS World Cup Overall Standings
Overall – 14th
Sprint – 14th
Classic – 14th
Parallel – 20th

6th – French Championship Sprint, Les Houches, Chamonix, FRA
6th – Swiss Championship Sprint, Schönried, SUI
12th – FIS World Championship Sprint, Rjukan, NOR
9th – FIS World Championship Parallel, Rjukan, NOR
14th – FIS World Championship Classic, Rjukan, NOR

2018 Highlights

2018 US Telemark National Champion (3)
1st, Crotched Mountain, National Championships, Parallel Sprint
2nd, Crotched Mountain, National Championships, Sprint
1st, Crotched Mountain, National Championships, Sprint
13th, Sugarbush Resort USA, World Cup Sprint
13th, Sugarbush Resort USA, World Cup Classic
12th, Sugarbush Resort USA, World Cup Classic
12th, Suicide Six Ski Resort USA, World Cup Sprint
9th Suicide Six Ski Resort USA, World Cup Parallel Sprint
13th Suicide Six Ski Resort USA, World Cup Sprint

2017 Highlights
1st and 2nd Alta Sprint Classic “Freeheel Life Weekender”

2 x 1st – US Nationals Classic
2nd – US Nationals Parallel Sprint
2nd – US Nationals Sprint Classic
2017 US Telemark National Champion

17th – World Championship Parallel, La Plagne, FRA (10th in Qualification)
18th – World Championship Classic, La Plagne, FRA
23rd – World Championship Sprint, La Plagne, FRA

2016 Highlights
3rd Place Overall – US Telemark Nationals
10th Place – Sprint Classic Muerren, SUI

2015 Highlights
-11th FIS Telemark World Championship Sprint
-5th FIS Telemark World Championship Parallel
-19th FIS Telemark World Championship Classic

-2nd and 3rd US Telemark National Championship Classic’s
-3rd Overall US Telemark National Championships

2014 Highlights

2014 National Champion
-1st US Nationals Sprint Classic
-1st US Nationals Giant Slalom
-1st US Nationals Classic

-1st Kåre Anderson Sprint Classic

2013 Highlights

13th World Championship Sprint, Espot, SPA
US Telmark National Championships, Steamoat Springs, CO
1st  Classic

1st  Parallel Sprint

3rd Sprint Classic
3rd Overall

2012 Highlights

World Cup
16th Bohinj, SLO Sprint
13th Kvitfjell, NOR Sprint
11th Kvitfjell, NOR Classic
9th Rjukan, NOR Sprint
8th Steamboat Springs, USA Classic
11th Steamboat Springs, USA Sprint
9th Steamboat Springs, USA Parallel Sprint
17th Steamboat Springs, USA Sprint
16th Chamonix, FRA Classic
12th Chamonix, FRA Sprint
10th Espot, SPA Classic
9th Espot, SPA Parallel Sprint
10th Espot, SPA Sprint

13th Overall World Cup
12th Overall Classic
12th Overall Sprint

National Races

1st Vail Sprint Classic, CO
3rd Alta Sprint Classic, UT
2nd Alta Sprint Classic, UT

Junior World Championships Espot, SPA
4th Classic
5th Parallel Sprint
5th Sprint

2011 Highlights

World Cup
17th Rauris, AUS Sprint
19th Rauris, AUS GS
20th Thyon, SUI Classic
21st Meribel, FRA Classic
15th Espot, SPA GS
4th Junior World Championships GS, Hafjell, NOR
13th GS Final, Hafjell, NOR
9th Junior World Championships Sprint, Hafjell, NOR
7th  Junior World Championships Classic, Hafjell, NOR
20th Classic Final, Hafjell, NOR
10th World Championships GS, Rjukan, NOR
22nd World Championships Classic, Rjukan, NOR

19th Overall World Cup Points

Nationals – Steamboat Springs, CO

1st Sprint Classic – National Champion
5th Dual Pro Slalom
4th Classic
2nd GS

2nd Overall US Nationals


World Cup
28th   Bjorli Sprint
31st   Bjorli GS
28th   Bjorli Classic
26th   Rjukan GS
21st   Rjukan Sprint
28th   Rjukan Classic
17th   Steamboat Sprint
14th   Steamboat GS
19th   Steamboat GS
18th   Keystone Classic
16th   Keystone GS
17th   Keystone GS

29th Place Overall World Cup Points

Nationals – Whitefish, MO

5th   GiantSlalom
7th   Classic
8th   Sprint Classic
1st   Dual Slalom – National Champion
4th Place Overall


2nd Kare Anderson’s Race

8th Nationals Telemark
7th Nationals Classic
11th Nationals Sprint Classic
8th Overall Nationals


3rd Gunstock Sprint Classic
11th Nationals Telemark
13th Nationals Sprint Classic
10th Nationals Classic
13th Overall Nationals

3rd Kare Anderson’s Race

33rd WC Finals Telemark
25th WC Finals Sprint Classic
29th WC Finals Telemark
24th WC Finals Classic
25th Overall WC Finalsundefined

1st Gunstock Sprint Classic – citizen