What are Points?

What are Points?

  • Points are calculated in order to determine a national ranking of racers who are members of USTSA.  The purpose is to measure the relative performances of all competitors who are members of USTSA over the course of a season.  Points are one of the tools used to help the Board of Directors with the selection of the US Telemark Teams.  At the US National Championships, and sometimes at other races, racer points are used to determine the start order for each race.

How are Points Calculated?

  • The formula for calculating points is quite detailed and can be found in section 7000 of the USTSA Competition Guide .

Are USTSA Points different from FIS points?

  • Yes,  USTSA points are calculated on USTSA sanctioned races in the US as well as World Cup Races in which 5 or more US athletes participate.  FIS Points are calculated solely on FIS World Cup Races.  The current FIS points can be located at www.fis-ski.com.