Fall Training Tips from Cory Snyder

Temperatures are dropping, snow is flying, and that means it's time for the final physical preparations for ski season.  Now is the time to really focus in on sport specific training to prepare for the grind of ski season.  That doesn't mean your training volume should drop off, it simply becomes more specific.  ... More

Charlie’s 3 minute workout video

Charlie Dresen has prepared a video demonstrating a 3 minute workout that he does 3 times a week to train for power, strength, agility and fitness needed for the telemark skier and racer. _ More

Telemark Conditioning Video

Telemark Conditioning Video Workout for Strength, Agility, Power and Quickness Prepared by Charlie Dresen, USTSA  Team Member https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqYwvo2KMIE More

Pre Season Training – The Lau Brothers

  See what the Lau Brothers of France do to prepare for their 2011 season. Who can forget seeing all three brothers on the podium in Steamboat Springs in 2010.           More

Lindsey Vonn training and application to Telemark racing

Comments by Charlie Dresen, 2012 US Telemark National Champion Hips square to hill (always facing down the hill) Quiet upper body. Her arms and upper torso are very quiet. No extra movements to throw her off balance Firm contact with the snow. Compression / extension and always moving down the hill into the next ... More