Jacob Carter-Gibb – Profile

Birthplace:  Boulder, CO
Hometown:  Steamboat Springs, CO
Home Ski Hill/Resort:  Steamboat, CO
Education:  Civil Engineering Undergraduate 2018

Personal Sponsors:  Money Sense Solutions

USTSA Sponsors: Karbon, Global Rescue, Saucer Wax, Minus 33, Telemarkdown, 22 Designs

My Skiing History:
I started skiing when I was two on the preview lift in Steamboat, CO and have loved it ever since. I switched from alpine to telemark in 6th grade when I was 14 as a way to challenge myself and explore the mountain in a new way. Growing up I always thought that to be a truly great skier you need to tele, which was another big reason for my switch. In 2014 I met Tanner Visnick, who is also going to MSU, and he got me into tele racing during the Christmas camp at Steamboat. I competed in my first telemark race on New Years Day at Howelsen Hill and competed in the 2015 Nationals in Sunlight, CO. It has been an incredible experience and I’m looking forward another fun season and I’m very excited to be racing on USTSA National team.


My Goals and Motivation:
In the summers I race on the pro XC mountain bike circuit and telemark racing has provided a new and exciting format to compete. Being on a national podium is my long term goal but my favorite part of racing has been ripping around the mountain with great people and going fast with a free heel. This season I would like to go to USTSA Nationals as well as competing in the Free Heel Life Big Mountain Cup.


What I love about Telemark Racing and Skiing:
I love the community and the variety of competition. The course can be so diverse favoring a jumper, skater or pure GS skier which adds unpredictability and excitement to every race. The atmosphere at the national championships was so amazing and watching the racers and big mountain skiers ski around the mountain together was super cool!


Interesting Facts About Myself:
In the summer I race pro mountain bikes on the national circuit for the Tokyo Joes U23 Pro Team. I have started rock climbing more and more after moving to Bozeman, I’ve met a lot of great people who are doing are doing so many badass things and passing on some of their knowledge to me along the way. Last winter (2016-2017 season) I got 68 days of skiing many of them with friends up at Bridger bowl exploring the ridge. Everyday can be an adventure if you try hard enough!


Competition Results:

2018 Season:

19th Tarhgee Free Heel Life Cup
4th Alta Sprint Classic #1
24th Suicide 6 World Cup Sprint #2
20th Classic #1 Sugarbush World Cup
28th Classic #2 Sugarbush World Cup
21st Sprint Classic Sugarbush World Cup

2017 Season:

  • 5th Alta Classic
  • 13th Classic 1 Targhee Nationals
  • 5th Classic 2 Targhee Nationals
  • Quarter Finals Parallel Targhee Nationals
  • 6th Sprint 1 Targhee Nationals
  • 7th Sprint 2 Targhee Nationals

2015 Season:

  • 8th GS 1 New Years Race Steamboat Springs (not last in the first race!)
  • 9th GS 2 New Years Race Steamboat Springs
  • 16th Sprint Classic 1 Sunlight National Championships 9th Sprint
  • Classic 2 Sunlight National Championships
  • 12th Short Sprint Sunlight National Championships
  • 11th Classic 1 Sunlight National Championships9th Classic 2 Sunlight National Championships