Rachel Keisling – Profile

Hometown: East Hampstead, NH
Home Ski Hill/Resort:  Waterville Valley, NH
Birthplace: Methuen, MA
Year of Birth:  2004
Education: Sophomore at Pinkerton Academy, Derry, NH

USTSA Sponsors:  Karbon, Global Rescue,  Saucer Wax, Minus33, Telemarkdown, 22 Designs


My Skiing History:
I have been skiing since I was two years old at Waterville Valley, NH. I skied with their Junior Seasonal program since I was four and have stuck with it since then. I had tried snowboarding for several years, when I was about 9, to try to give myself another challenge on the mountain. I got the hang of it and was doing a mix of both skiing and snowboarding for a little while. About three years ago I saw people at Junior Seasonal begin telemark skiing, and since the mountain had become easy for me, I decided it was maybe something I should try. I did some of the beginner lessons later in the season, but was only able to get in a few lessons. I competed in the telemark race that was held at Waterville Valley late in the 2017 season. That next full season I started to put more time on the Tele skis and realized that this is something that I was passionate about and really wanted to pursue and work hard on for years to come.


My Goals and Motivation:
Some of my goals are to work on my time for skating so that I will be able to shave some seconds off and get a better time overall. I also want to work on not getting any gate penalties when I am racing, so that my time may improve and I will get a higher ranking.
My motivation is having something that I am passionate about and working toward progressing so that I may be as good as other racers against whom I am competing. I am motivated by the thought of knowing that I love what I am doing and am working hard at it.


What I Love about Telemark Racing and Skiing:
I love how telemark racing has so many different components to it, and you can’t just be good in one of them so you have to work toward progressing in all of them. I also like how it is a very small community right now, and not many people know about it.
I also enjoy the confused looks on my friends’ faces when I tell them about it, and they think I’m talking about telemarketing on the phone since they don’t know what telemarking is as a sport!
Interesting Facts About Myself:
I enjoy sports throughout the year, including volleyball, running, softball and skiing.
I am a member of a year-round softball team, and compete in tournaments on the weekends in the summer.
At school, I’m a member of an Air Force JROTC (Junior Reserved Officer’s Training Corps) and am really enjoying the leadership and drill training.
Competition Results:

3rd – Women’s – Gore Mountain Sprint Classic – day 1
3rd – Women’s – Gore Mountain Sprint Classic – day 2
6th – Women’s – Gunstock Mtn Sprint Classic
1st – Women’s Junior – Bromley Mtn Sprint Classic

1st – Women’s Junior – Waterville Valley Sprint Classic – day 1
1st – Women’s Junior – Waterville Valley Sprint Classic – day 2
2nd – Women’s Junior – Karbon Telemark Nationals – Sprint Classic

1st – Women’s Junior – Waterville Valley Sprint Classic