Devon Wright – Profile

US Team Member: 2013-2022 Seasons

Hometown: Freeport, ME
Home Mountain: Sugarloaf
Birthdate: 1992
Birth Place: Hartford CT
Education: Westminster College

USTSA Sponsors: Karbon, Global Rescue,  Saucer Wax, Minus33, Telemarkdown, 22 Designs

My Skiing History:

I’ve been skiing since I was two years old. Starting small in CT, then skiing in southern NH at Pats Peak. Eventually my parents joined Ski Patrol at Waterville Valley and we were enrolled in the racing program to keep us busy. After much begging and pleading my parents caved into my sisters and my wishes to move north! That was the end of our weekend warrior status and the beginning of my addiction to skiing. Alpine race training 6 days a week hampered my love for the sport and I began to lose interest, however one spring afternoon I was lent a “retro” setup by an old ski patroller and I fell in love with Telemark! The next season I ended my club alpine race career and pursued Tele skiing! Learning to carve and ski bumps by myself through trial, error, and a few concussions! Through high school I raced in the Ski Meister competition which consists of Alpine, Cross Country, and Nordic Jumping achieving the state title my seni or year. When not skiing midweek in gates I was on the Tele’s mastering my carves! When I heard nationals were in NH in 2012 I came out and found out that I had discovered a new passion!

My Goals and Motivation:

I am focused on both competing at a national level and also growing the sport of Telemark here in the USA! Telemark Skiing has been the dominating passion in my life for the last 10 years and will continue to play that role until the day I can’t ski anymore!

What I love about Telemark Racing:Devon 2016 Jump

I love the fact that it is such a close knit group of phenomenal people! I think the sense of team and community is unparalleled (no pun intended!) in any organization I have ever been a part of before. The passion for skiing, snow, and the mountains runs deep in every member and the camaraderie is great!

Interesting Facts About Myself:

I am a permaculture enthusiast, and work in the field of industrial energy efficiency. If I am not skiing, I am working towards saving snow for future generations!

Competition Results:

2019 Results:

7th Overall at Karbon Telemark Nationals

2018 Results:

Alta Race:
8th and 6th place

2014 Results

Steamboat New Years Race:Devon 2016 Profile
2nd Place GS

2014 National Championships:
GS: 4th
Sprint Classics 1 & 2: 3rd

Haystack Mountain/ Hermitage Club
Classic 1: 4th
Classic 2: 3rd
GS: 3rd