Annecy races in Ontario in January

  • February 15, 2011

USTSATeam member Annecy Hillmuth moved from Steamboat Springs to Prescott, Ontario in Canada this last fall, making it a little challenging to train and to find races.  Fortunately the Ontario Telemark organization is working hard to provide telemark race opportunities and Annecy was able to make the trip for one of their races in January.  It turns out that Annecy was the fastest competitor by about 2 seconds that day.  When asked about the race,  Annecy said, “The course was a little chalenging at the first gate, but the rest was straight and since there was not a jump I didn’t have to worry about jump penalties. The first run I came in first out of everybody, with no penalties. The second run was not as good technically.  I had a lot of fun and everyone was very nice.”

Caledon GS Race Results, January 15th, 2011

Junior Female
1st Annecy Hillmuth 25.77

Novice Female-Masters
1st Courtney Yourkin 40.22
2nd Denisha Naidoo 51.60
3rd Katherine Smalley 65.50

Advanced Female-Masters
1st Kate Sharpe 27.40
2nd Holly Blefgen 33.68
3rd Nancy Cohen 40.43

Novice Male-Adult
1st Peter Berry 31.27
2nd Kieren Tinning 40.19

Adult Male-Advanced
1st Tony Fitzsimons 33.58

Masters Male-Novice
1st Paul Battle 31.87
2nd Kevin Cox 34.04

Masters Male-Advanced
1st Don Shaw 27.80
2nd Keith Woods 28.71
3rd Glenn Lee 31.20