“More Cowbell” Tele Shirts Now Available from Big Sky Brewing

The Big Sky Brewing Banner created for display at the 2008 National Championships and World Cup Finals received all kinds of attention from racers, families and the general public at these two events.  Skiers riding the chairlift or skiing by would read the banner and yell, “MORE COWBELL”.  USTSA organizers had to keep an eye on the banners to make sure they didn’t ski away with an admiring fan.  With these rave reviews, we asked Big Sky Brewing if they would work with us to create a t-shirt using this same artwork used on the banners and as seen at the top of our web pages.  They agreed, and have made these shirts available for purchase through their website.  A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of these shirts will be donated to USTSA.  Think of your tele friends or family who need a t-shirt to celebrate their sport.  It could be a New Years gift, a birthday gift or just a fun gift.  And remember that when you’re done with a day of skiing, a glass of Moose Drool or other Big Sky beer will hit the spot.  Support them, because they support us……and their beer is great!  To link to the Big Sky Brewing site and purchase your new shirt.  (Sorry, these are no longer available)