Jeannine Poucel – Profile

US Team Member: 2008 and 2009 Seasons

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Birth Year:  1970
Birthplace: West Islip, NY
Education: BS Cornell U 1992;
Master Physical Therapy 2000

Sponsors: Karbon, BCA, Global Rescue, CW-X Conditioning Wear, Outdoor Research

My Skiing History:

I am late to the sport of telemark skiing, having grown up in flatlands of Long Island New York. I started telemarking when I moved to Seattle in 1997 for graduate school. As a student I was too poor to buy a lift ticket, so freeing the heel and hiking up into the mountains was the thrifty way to go! I haven’t been back to the “locked” side since.

My Goals and Motivation:

Words to live by: “Second chances are a myth

Regrets toxins to the soul

Today is all you have, use it wisely.”

I am fortunate to have the family, friends, and health to live by this quote. Besides, I figure I can sleep when I’m dead.

Why do you Telemark Race? Jeannine at 2008 Nationals
The combination of grace, strength, speed, balance, power, poise, and focus to make it down the course successfully is unlike any other sport I’ve done. It’s like dancing on snow. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to promote the sport and compete with amazing athletes from all over the world.

Interesting Facts about myself:
I am a Gemini in the truest sense. On any given day I may be found doing anything from playing the trumpet, to surfing the coast, to making custom jewelry, or crewing for Voodoo Child, a 39 foot Farr racing sailboat. If it looks fun, I’ll try it, so I’m rarely bored. To make a living, I work as a traveling physical therapist working in various settings from Trauma I hospitals to small privately owned orthopedic clinics. This flexibility allows me to enjoy whatever opportunity presents itself (and keep up with my adventurous husband). To keep in shape in the off season, I teach surfing for Northwest Women’s Surf Camp on the Oregon coast.
Competition Results:Jeannine off the jump at 2008 Nationals

2008 Nationals-5th Overall

  • Telemark GS-4th
  • Sprint Classic-5th
  • Classic-3rd
  • Slalom-4th

2008 Selkirk Classic-1st place (Telemark GS)

2008 World Cup Results


  • Sprint Classic-7th
  • Classic-8th


  • Sprint Classic-9th


  • Telemark (GS) -10th

Czech Republic

  • Classic-7th
  • Sprint Classic-7th

2007 Nationals-5th Overall

2007 Selkirk Classic-4th Overall