About Freeski


Given the Mission  of the US Telemark Ski Association as an organization dedicated to the promotion and development of telemark in the United States, USTSA has decided to merge with the Freeheel Life Cup to add a Freeski division to the organization and to more fully embody the scope of telemark skiing. While the recent history of USTSA is race-oriented, the organization is cognizant of the limitation that this placed on the broader growth and development of telemark skiing.

In order to accomplish this expansion, USTSA has added two new Directors to the Board; J.T. Robinson and Nate Greenberg. J.T. has been appointed as the Freeski Director and will organize and oversee all Freeski related events. J.T. competed for over 10 years in Big Mountain Telemark freeskiing and has been a competition judge at Targhee for the past 4 seasons. Nate is also a former Big Mountain Telemark competitor who will be the Director of Freeski Judging and Officiating. Nate has significant judging experience and brings a passion for the outdoors and backcountry to USTSA. Nate has been judging Freeski competitions across the US for the past 12 years.

“We are very excited to be bringing J.T. and Nate into the organization” says USTSA President Garrett Long, “they are both very knowledgeable and experienced tele skiers and Freeski officials who will help the organization grow and develop”.

“Telemark freeskiing is a vibrant and exciting aspect of telemark skiing that has been growing recently, especially among the junior category.” says J.T., “I recognized a need for a governing body over freeskiing to keep the momentum going long into the future. USTSA was the most natural fit and they were enthusiastic to bring us onboard to launch the new USTSA Freeskiing Division.”

USTSA looks to continue to grow both the racing and freeski aspects of telemark and will bring its record of race development to the freeski side to enable broader geographical awareness and participation.

USTSA Freeski serves as the governing body overseeing Telemark Freeskiing Competitions in the United States of America. This includes governance over the judging platform, judge certification, athlete ranking, venue qualification, and the organizing and facilitation of Telemark Freeskiing Competitions in partnership with our Resort Partners, Media Partners, and Sponsorship Partners.