Aren Moynihan -Profile

Hometown: Keene, NH

Home Ski Hill/Resort:  Magic Mountain
Birthdate: 2003

USTSA Sponsors: Karbon, Global Rescue,  Saucer Wax, Minus33, Telemarkdown, 22 Designs

My Skiing History:

I started skiing on cross country skis when I was three and, even then, I think I was trying to telemark. When I was five, I went downhill skiing for my first time. I went with my dad, who had found a pair of telemark skis at the “swap shop.” When I was eight, my family moved to Plymouth, NH, and we were able to ski at Cannon Mountain on a regular basis for the first time. I skied on alpines for a year. The whole time, I begging my parents for a pair of telemark skis; finally, the fall of the next year, we found a pair. Two years later I went to my first telemark race.


My Goals and Motivation:

To improve enough to be competitive on the development team.


What I love about Telemark Racing and Skiing:

I love the feeling of a telemark turn done right. I just feels right.


Interesting Facts About Myself:

I love installing linux operating systems. I run and fish and program computers.


Competition Results:

2018 Season:
Here are the races I attended during the 2017-2018 season and how I placed:
– Waterville Valley day 1 sprint: 9th out of 9
– Waterville Valley day 2 sprint: 9th out of 10
– Karbon Telemark National Championships Day 1 sprint classic
– Karbon Telemark National Championships Day 2 sprint classic
– Karbon Telemark National Championships Day 3 duals

2017 Season:
I made it to one race because I fractured my ankle, I am happy with the way I skied there though.

2016 Season:
I raced as a Junior in the 2016 Season and I placed first in every race with the exception of the parallel sprint. These are the the races I participated in:
Kare Andersen Memorial Sprint Classic
Karbon National Championships:
Classic #1
Classic #2
Citizen and Junior Parallel Sprint
Cannon, Mt Sprint Classic