Tanner Visnick – Profile

Hometown: Steamboat Springs, CO

Home Ski Hill:  Steamboat, CO and Bridger Bowl, MT
Birthplace: Livingston, NJ
Birthdate: 1996
Education: Montana State University Graduate 2018

Personal Sponsors:  Telemark Down, Crispi, Honey Stinger

USTSA Team Sponsors: Karbon, Global Rescue, Saucer Wax, Minus 33, Telemark Down, 22 Designs

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My Skiing History:

I started alpine skiing at the age of 4 in Steamboat Springs Colorado. At the time my family lived in Michigan so we only got a weeks worth of skiing a year so I made the most of my time on the slopes. At the start of junior high, we moved to Steamboat and this is when I was introduced to Telemark by former USTSA athlete Jack Rosenthal. That same year, the Telemark National Championships came to Steamboat and I was genuinely intrigued by this strange style of racing. The next year I went to Whitefish Montana and was subsequently invited on the Development team the following winter. In high school I trained with the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, coached by the charismatic Ty Upson. My first year on the team, I had the privilege of competing in the Telemark World Cup at Steamboat and from that point on I was hooked. Since then, I have steadily climbed up the team ranks and have improved my World Cup pedigree each season. In 2016, I was the US National Champion and this season I had to opportunity to spend my spring semester studying and training in Oslo Norway with the Norwegian Telemark Team and Norwegian Champion Trym Nygaard Løken. After a successful season which included several top 10 finishes, I suffered an ACL and MCL injury in the World Championship Classic in La Plagne in 2017. After completing a rigorous rehab process, I returned last season and finished 3rd at the 2018 U.S Nationals at Crotched Mountain New Hampshire. My plans for next season are to live and training in France with the British Telemark Team, and to compete on the World Cup circuit with fellow teammate Cory Snyder.


My Goals and Motivation:

My number one motivation is the euphoric sensation of laying fat arcs on Telemark skis. There is nothing else quite like it and feeling I get while gracefully angulating down the mountain is beyond words. In addition, the Telemark community is incredibly supportive and full of rad individuals that are loads of fun to be around. When I injured myself in March of 2017, I was greeted later that day by nearly every athlete on the circuit, all genuinely concerned about what had happened and how I was doing. In addition, I love pushing my body to the limit and the multidisciplinary nature of Telemark allows me to do so in a unique fashion. Similar to a triathlon, Telemark seamlessly combines three disciplines, Alpine, Ski Jumping, and Nordic, in a harmoniously constructed minute long thrill ride that is brutally painful yet irresistibly fun. Ultimately, when all is said and done, I would like to win the World Cup title, which is the ultimate measure of consistency in the sport. It may be quite some time before I reach this lofty goal; however, the thought of it motivates me through the off season to strive for improvement each and every day.


Why do I Telemark Race?

Just about everything! The community, racing, and lifestyle keep me coming back every year more excited than the last.


Interesting Facts About Myself: 

In 2018 before I was cleared to Telemark race, I competed in Nordic Cross Country, and had several top 5 finishes in elite level fields across the Northwest Region, including a 2nd place finish at the JMHR Moose Chase and 5th at the Yellowstone Rendezvous. When I’m not on the slopes, you can usually find me on my bicycle, which is my equally strong secondary passion. In the summer, I race at the professional level in Mountain Biking, mainly focusing on endurance events, but I also enjoy partaking in shorter/quicker-paced races as well. In addition, in the spring I competed on the Montana State University road biking team. When I’m not racing, I’m probably in the mountains hiking, climbing, and backpacking. Two years ago, my good friend Brendan and I finished climbing all 58 of Colorado’s 14,00 foot peaks and this past summer we spent two weeks exploring Washington, climbing Mt. Baker/Shuksan/ and Rainer. On the musical side of things, I thoroughly enjoy singing, yes in the shower as well, and often with fellow teammate Cory Snyder. I guarantee that if one of us ever wins a World Cup both of us will be belting out the National anthem at the top of our lungs.




Competition Results:

2018 Results:
Nationals Results
3rd place Sprint Classic
3rd place Sprint Classic 2
3rd place Parallel Sprint
3rd Overall
2017 Results:
World Cup Results
14th Sprint
17th Parallel
13th Classic
17th Parallel
9th Sprint
22nd Classic
9th Sprint
9th Parallel
4th World Junior Classic
14th World Junior Sprint
9th World Junior Parallel
World Championships, La Plagne:
9th Parallel

2016 Results

US Results:
2nd Alta Sprint Classic 1
1st Alta Sprint Classic 2
1st Sunlight Sprint 1
1st Sunlight Sprint 2
US Nationals:
1st Classic’s 1 and 2
1st Sprint Classic
1st Parallel sprint
1st Overall
World Cup Results:
World Junior Championships: Les Contamines France
5th Parallel Sprint
7th Sprint Classic
10th Classic
World Cup Final: Murren Switzerland
8th Classic
11th Sprint Classic
17th Parallel Sprint


2015 Results
World Championships – Steamboat Springs, Colorado
9th Classic
9th Parallel Sprint
13th Sprint
World Junior Championships – Steamboat Springs, Colorado
7th Sprint
5th Parallel Sprint
4th Classic
U.S National Championships-Sunlight, Colorado
10th Sprint 1
1st Sprint 2
3rd Short Sprint
1st Classic 1
1st Classic 2

2014 Results
Junior World Championships – Geilo, NOR
3rd World Junior Classic
World Cup – Steamboat Springs
7th  Classic
13th  Classic
17th  Sprint
Steamboat Springs New Years Races
1st New Years GS #1
1st New Years GS #2
Vail Sprint Classic – 2nd
World Cup – SWE and NOR
16th Funasdalen Sprint
9th Funasdalen Parallel Sprint
23rd Geilo Sprint
9th Geilo Classic
13th Rjukan Classic
21st Rjukan Sprint
U.S Nationals – Bromley and Haystack, VT
2nd Overall
2nd Sprint 1, 4th Sprint 2
1st Bromley GS
2nd Classic 1, 1st Classic 2
2nd Haystack GS



2013 Results
World Cup Results
13th place World Campionship Classic Espot Spain
19th World Championship Sprint Espot, Spain
24th World cup Classic – Geilo, Norway
U.S. Nationals
1st place Parallel Sprint Qualifiers
4th place Classic 2
5th place Sprint Classic
Overall: 4th place

Vail Sprint Classic – 3rd place

2012 Results

World Cup Results
18th place 2nd Classic Steamboat Springs
18th place Sprint Classic Steamboat Springs
31st place Classic Espot, Spain
31st place Sprint Classic Espot, Spain

U.S Nationals
2nd place Classic 1 Men’s Elite
4th place  Classic 2 Men’s Elite
Overall: 4th place

Alta Tele Rando-2nd place

2011 Results
2011 Eldora Sprint Classic 2/26/11 Men’s Elite – 7th place
2011 US Telemark National Championships Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Dual Slalom Men’s Elite – 14th place
Overall Men’s Elite – 18th place


2010 US Telemark National Championships Whitefish, Montana – 1st place in age division
2010 Steamboat Springs Sprint Classic 12/31/10  Men’s Elite – 11th place

2009 US Telemark National Championships Steamboat Springs, Colorado –  3rd place in age division