Fit to Fly

  • November 18, 2012

Hey everyone,

USTSAI got my New NTN stuff including boots and two sets of bindings. Go Scarpa! I also got a new pair of race skis. Everything is ready to start the season. I hope to fly this year; meaning both flying fast and flying upward. Let me explain, I am hoping to greatly improve my jumping skills. None of this new found equipment would have possible without Bike & Ski Kare; they helped tremendously. Not just mounting my new skies with my NTN bindings but also fitting my boots. Now I am not going to name any names but I have met my fair share of boot fitters and not all experiences were pleasant. Now Mike Johnson at Bike and Ski Kare was GREAT! As were his fellow boot fitters working there. I feel much more comfortable with them than with others. Kind of like the old fashion days when the boot fitter’s family was one of the 20 families in town and seeing them is as natural as passing the City Hall each day. They worked out every bump and crease of those boots till they were just right. I can happily wear my boots to the nationals this year.  I can’t wait for more Skiing.

Have a great year,

Lyta Foulk