Prepping for 2012-13 Season- Ski Transition

  • November 14, 2012

USTSAThroughout my entire skiing career, whether it is telemark or alpine, I have always appreciated the equipment I use. Yet, when it comes to racing, it is definitely time to say goodbye to my mid-fat K2 She-Devils…While I have well-loved these skis for the bumps, trees and steeps-they are not quit up to par with current racing skis. Instead, for this coming racing season, I will be transitioning to my long standing alpine favorites: Fischer. As an alpine racer I have used Fischer skis (and bindings) and contacted them to see if they would be willing to work on a sponsorship deal with me.

Yet, it is not only the ski that makes a great equipment set up. Next on my checklist was a new pair of bindings. I knew I wanted something stiffer than my Black Diamond O2’s but not something as different as NTN bindings and boots. I found 22Designs Vice bindings, and knowing the quality of their products bought one pair to mount on the first of two pairs of skis from Fischer. The draw to the Vice included the 3-pin adjustment system as well as the stiff spring system, with an option to replace it with an even stiffer set. Hopefully, once I get on the snow I will fall in love with them and mount the same binding on my second pair of skis.

It was quite a process to mount the bindings, though not because of the lack of direction. In fact, 22Design included a novel of instructions, packed with a true telemarker’s humor. Jokes of skiing addiction and habits made the reading a much more pleasant process. Instead, there were difficulties with getting the screws to fit in the holes and simply lining everything up. One thing is for sure-it is not a task to do when you are tired! Yet in the end I am left with the first of my mounted skis for this season-now all we need is some snow…