Colorado World Cup Race Results

  • February 23, 2010

US Racers Reflect on their Colorado World Cup Experiences
Drew Hauser:
“The races in the US held at Steamboat and Keystone this year were fantastic!  It was great to have all the fast Euro’s come over and see where we train as a team at Steamboat during our Christmas camps and where I personally trained and grew up.  It was great to see such amazing athletes exert so much effort in the high altitude classics at Keystone.  The level of competition is increasing more and more each year.  It won’t be long until the hills aren’t long enough to hold a true classic”

Cory Snyder:
“The World Cup events in Colorado were some of the best races of this year and certainly my career, with six finishes inside the top 20 and two in the top 15.  Not only were the events good, but getting the chance to do a little free skiing with other members of the team and folks from other countries, having the opportunity to compare ideas and training practices was extremely beneficial to me living so far away from most of the tele skiing world out there in Colorado.  I am very excited to hopefully participate in many more fantastic world cup races at both the amazing venues on Steamboat Springs/Howelsen Hill and Keystone!”

Eric Lamb:
“I loved competing in the Colorado World cups and not having to travel overseas.  Competing in your own time zone alleviates a large amount of the competitive stresses.  I am excited for the future of Telemark racing in Colorado during the next few years.  Steamboat Springs and Summit County are literal hot spots of the sport.”

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Colorado World Cup races wrap up
Keystone Resort, February 28
It was a great series of 7 races in Colorado this last week, ending with the Giant Slalom today.  The women’s podium was not a big surprise with Amelie Raymond of Switzerland on the top, teammate Sandrine Meyer in 2nd place and Katinka Knudsen in 3rd.  US racer Lorin Paley did not finish the race, Madi McKinstry finished 10th and Erika Walters was 11th.  The men’s race put Matias Wagenius on the top of the podium, just edging out Philippe Lau in 2nd and Daniel Forrer of Switzerland in 3rd.  Shane Anderson was the fastest US racer, finishing in 10th position.  Once again, the US team held most of the 10th – 20th place finishes with David Hobbs in 14, Jeffrey Gay in 16th, Cory Snyder in 17th, Charlie Dresen in 18th, Drew Hauser in 19th, and Jack Long in 20th.

This was a successful World Cup series in the home state of many of the US racers.  Shane Anderson had 2 third place podium finishes.  David Hobbs Jeffrey Gay, Cory Snyder, Charlie Dresen and Drew Hauser were consistently in the chase, behind Anderson.  Lorin Paley had a 2nd place podium finish at the beginning of the series and a 4th place finish later in the week, with an injury in between.  Many US racers had great experience in their first World Cup competition and showed great improvement during the week.

Lau Brothers of France top the podium in the Giant Slalom
Keystone Resort, February 27
All three Lau brothers stood atop the podium in today’s Giant Slalom.  Philippe Lau finished in first, Sven Lau in 2nd and Chris Lau in 3rd place.  Earlier in the week, the three brothers finished in the top three in the Steamboat Springs Sprint Classic.  The top US finish was Shane Anderson in 10th position followed by local Silverthorne racer Drew Hauser in 12th place.  In the woman’s race, Amalie Raymond of Switzerland took her place at the top of the podium with teammate Sandrine Meyer in 2nd place.  Germany’s Suzanne Scheller finished in third place.  US racer Lorin Paley finished in 6th place and Erika Walters was 10th.

World Cup Classic Race finishes with Lorin Paley in 4th Place
Keystone Resort, February 26
What started as a snowy morning turned to blue sky by race time.  Lorin Paley of Steamboat Springs returned to the race course today after an knee injury earlier in the week that caused her to miss the last three races.  Amalie Raymond of Switzerland regained her position at the top of the podium, followed by teammate Sandrine Meyer  and Anne Marit Enger of Norway.  Madi McKinstry of Steamboat Springs finished in 14th position.  Matias Wagenius of Sweden finished on top of the podium for the second day in a row.  Bastian Dayer of Switzerland finished 2nd and Eirik Rykhus finished in 3rd position.   The top US racer was Shane Anderson in 10th position, following 2 podium finishes in the last 2 races.  US racers in the top 20 include David Hobbs in 14th despite breaking a pole early in the race, Charlie Dresen in 15th, Drew Hauser in 16th, Jeffrey Gay in 17th, Cory Snyder in 18th and Josh Lanzetta in 20th.

2nd Podium Finish for Shane Anderson in World Cup Classic Race
Keystone Resort, February 25

Shane Anderson is in the groove.  This is his second 3rd place finish in as many races.  This Classic race was nearly penalty free with only one penalty on the jump and the rest of the race skiied cleanly.  There were plenty of faster times down the hill, but Shane’s clean skiing won him the podium position.  The other top US men were David Hobbs in 10th, Jeffrey Gay in 12th and Charlie Dresen in 15th.  In the women’s race, Swiss racer Sandrine Meyer broke into the top spot today, the first woman all season to beat Amelie Raymond of Switzerland who had not lost a race until today.  Lorin Paley did not race for the US today as she needed to continue to rest her knee after an injury earlier in the week.  Erika Walters finished in 10th position and Madi McKinstry finished 13th.

Shane Anderson takes 3rd Place in Sprint Classic at Steamboat World Cup



Shane Anderson on the Podium in Steamboat World Cup!
February 23, 2010 – Steamboat Springs
Three days of exciting World Cup Telemark racing concluded today with race organizer, local coach and US Team member Shane Anderson on the podium with a third place finish in the Sprint Classic.  Anderson of Cody, Wyoming spends his winters in Steamboat Springs as a Telemark Coach for the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club.  After three days of early arrivals at the hill to set the course and put fencing in place prior to the race and then removing the course after the race, he put down two spectacular runs.  Following the race Shane said, “It feels unbelievable.  I never imagined it would happen.  I’ve dreamed about it a lot and been close a time or two before.  It was great to do this on my home hill.  I wasn’t nervous because I have trained and raced on Howelsen Hill so many times.  All my equipment felt the best ever, my boots were comfortable and my skis were fast.”  This was the first US men’s podium since 2003.

The Sprint Classic event includes Giant Slalom gates with a Nordic jump in the middle of the course.  The racers must jump past a line put on the snow or seconds will be added to their time.  Following the Giant Slalom gates the racers ski through a 360 degree banked turn and then compete a Nordic skate section.

Also on the podium were Phillippe Lau of France in 1st place and Eirik Rykhus of Norway in 2nd place.  Eirik is the current World Cup leader.  The Swiss women dominated the race today with Amelie Reymond in first place with a time 3 seconds faster than the second place racer, Sandrine Mayer also of Switzerland.  Maren Ulvesta Haugsten of Norway finished in 3rd.  Madi McKinstry of Steamboat Springs had the top US finish in 10th place.

The US men’s team had six additional racers in the top twenty.  Charlie Dresen of Steamboat Springs finished in 11th.  Charlie took a six year hiatus from the US team and at the age of 46 joined the team again this season and had a great race today.  David Hobbs of Whitefish Montana, who is currently training and coaching in Steamboat, finished in 15th, Drew Hauser of Silverthorne Colorado placed 16th, Eric Lamb was 18th, Cory Snyder of Franconia, New Hampshire was 19th and Jeffrey Gay of Steamboat Springs placed 20th even after his boot buckle broke.

Monday, January 22, 2010

The Giant Slalom event took place today on the Sitz/See Me course at Mount Warner.  Once again the US racers had a good day.  The American men locked up nearly every position from 12th to 20th place.  This is one of the strongest finishes of the US men’s team in World Cup racing in a number of years.  Steamboat Springs racer Shane Anderson was the top US finisher in 12th place,  followed by Drew Hauser of Silverthorne Colorado.  Drew is the current US National Champion as well as the current Junior World Champion.   In 14th place was Cory Snyder of Franconia, New Hampshire, hometown of Bode Miller.  David Hobbs of Whitefish Montana, currently living and training in Steamboat Springs, finished in 16th position.  Josh Lanzetta of New Hampshire finished in 18th position, followed by Joel Nylander of Utah and Eric Lamb of Boulder Colorado in 20th.

Erika Walters and Madi McKinstry of Steamboat Springs had strong finishes in 11th and 12th place respectively.  Also of Steamboat Springs, Kathleen Ross finished in 16th and Elizabeth Klemer finished in 17th position.  Amelie Raymond of Switzerland finished on top of the podium as she has done in every World Cup Race this season.

Sunday, January 21, 2010
Lorin Paley of Steamboat Springs placed  2nd in today’s Sprint Classic in the first day of World Cup racing in Colorado.  Paley, had recently placed 3rd in the Classic race in Norway.  Finishing first was Amalie Raymond and Sandrine Meyer placed 3rd.  Erika Walters of the US had a strong 9th place finish.  The men’s podium had three brothers from France.  Chis Lau placed 1st, Sven Lau was 2nd and brother Phillipe Lau was 3rd.  US racer Jeffrey Gay of Steamboat Springs was the top US finisher in 13th, with David Hobbs 14th, Drew Hauser15th, Charlie Dresen 16th and Cory Snyder 17th.

Lau Brothers all podium in the Sprint Classic at Steamboat Springs

Women's Podium at Steamboat Springs Sprint Classic, Lorin Paley takes 2nd Place