Volunteers Needed for US Telemark National Championships

SEEKING TELEMARK SUPPORTERS, COMPETITION JUNKIES, FRIENDS AND FAMILY OF RACERS AND GENERALLY WILLING VOLUNTEERS to help with the US Telemark National Championships in Steamboat Springs on Thursday February 26 through Sunday, March 1.  Volunteer for 1 day or for all 4 days, or somewhere in between.  Watch the best Telemark racers in the USA.  the courses are a lot of fun….they include gates, a jump, a reipelykkje (rap-uh-loosh-uh) or “the rap”, a 360° turn and then the classic events at skate skiing on tele skis.  If you are a friend, spouse or family member traveling to this event with a competitor and would like to volunteer, we’d love to have your help.  Or, if you live in the area or plan to be there that weekend, we’d love to put you to work. Volunteers receive a lift ticket for the day they volunteer (and there is usually time for a few runs after you complete your volunteer duties) AND a lift ticket to be used another day  (or the same day if you want to give it to your family member or friend who is racing).

Please contact Karen Walters, the Volunteer Coordinator, at kjqw@yahoo.com or 970-819-9676 to volunteer or to answer questions.

Following is the Schedule:

Feb 26                       Feb 27                    Feb 28                     March 1

Thursday                    Friday                     Saturday                  Sunday

GS                            Classic                    Sprint Classic           Dual Slalom

(GS w/jump)              (GS w/jump, 360°      (GS w/ 360°

                                 turn, uphill sprint)       turn, xc sprint)

Mt. Werner                 Mt. Werner              Howelson                 Howelson

All Day                       Done by 2ish           Done by 2ish            Done by 2ish

Following are the volunteer positions:

Gate Keepers X15 each day
Hand Timers X1 @ finish for Thursday, X4 for Friday, X2 for Saturday, X3 for

Assistant Starter
Course Crew
Scoreboard X1 each day
Announcer X1 for Saturday the 28th and Sunday March 1st
Results Group X3-6 each day, see description below:

Results Group:  USTSA would like to train 3-6 people to work with the results.  One person must be proficient with Excel software.  This group will compile the penalties assessed by the judges on the course both from radio reporting from the judges and then from the paper copies from the judges.  these penalties will be added to the racer’s time for each run (1 second added for each penalty) to calculate the overall time.  These volunteers should be detail oriented.  They will work inside, or in a tent and will not be watching the race.  SSWSC hopes to host a World Cup race next year, it is USTSA’s hope that the people who take this job this year will be available and willing to do this job next year if there is a World Cup at Steamboat Springs.  Russ and Linda Hobbs will be the USTSA officials doing the training and working with this group.

Please contact Karen Walters, the Volunteer Coordinator, at kjqw@yahoo.com or 970-819-9676 to volunteer or to answer questions.