Timeline Thank You

This history timeline project has been a labor of love and a rainy day project of mine since 2008.  Putting this historical timeline together would not have been possible without the information, photos, newspaper articles, videos, photos, posters and t-shirts provided by former Telemark skiers, racers and their families.  I imagine this list will grow some more over time as others share their scrapbooks and memories with me.

Christopher Ulm – President of USTSA for more years than any one: Christopher sent me boxes of files that he inherited when he took the job as President.  He has also been the webmaster and USTSA’s web designer for as long as there have been websites.

Jim Fox – USSA Telemark Coordinator:  Jim saved slides, posters and brochures from the USSA Vikin Fjord years in the early 1980’s and passed them along to Tory Hauser in 2013.

Tory Hauser – Racer, coach and parent:  Tory attended almost every US National Championship and saved a list that was nearly complete of names of the men’s and women’s National Champion for each year.  He also coordinated the transfer of documents from Jim Fox to me and has provided a number of photos.

Maureen Bachman – Racer, board member and FIS Representative:  Maureen helped Tory to fill in some of the missing National Champions.

Beth Long (Campbell)- Team Member and Board Member (mid 1908’s – mid 1990’s): Beth’s mother saved everything from Beth’s racing days which Beth scanned, posted on Facebook and graciously allowed me to copy.

Mark Haberle, Racer and two time US Team Member: Mark kept a binder of results from 1992 to 2000 that helped fill in some gaps in the list of National Champions.  He had the results of nearly all of the Kare Andersen races and some great photos of his trips to Europe in the late 1990’s.

Reid Sabin – Racer and World Champion, 2000 and 2001: While I live in Whitefish and have known Reid for years as he mentored my son as a ski racer, I had very few photos or information about the early 2000’s and his reign as World Champion.  Recently, his wife Kirstin, loaned me two scrapbooks that she had kept.  Finally, I had a World Champion podium picture as well as other great photos and articles of USTSA’s only Telemark World Champion.

Chris Coughlin – Team Member: I caught Chris during a rainy spring week as she sat at her computer and sent me documents and photos of her time on the team.

Carrie Johnson – Team Member:  Whitefish is a small town and I ran into Carrie at the post office a few years ago.  She told me that she had many photos from her travels which she put  on CD’s for me to add to our photo collection.  Carrie also gave me one of her team jackets which I wore as I gate judged numerous races.

Ron Ridenour – One of the early Telemark skiers in Whitefish Montana.  Ron wrote an article in the late 1980’s about how Telemark skiing got started at Big Mountain Montana.  He shared his article on Telemark Skiing Forum, where I saw it and asked for permission to include it.

Curtis Johns – Created a video in 1986 for a class project that included footage from the previous few years.  This video popped  up on social media recently and when I contacted Curtis, he gave me his permission to use it here.

Trond Gunleiksrud – FIS Telemark Member and keeper of FIS results and points –  I don’t know Trond, but for years he maintained a website that included all World Cup and FIS Telemark results and he calculated the overall cup points.  Before the time of cell phones and Facebook, checking his site was the only way to get results for the day’s races and keep track of friends racing in Europe.   For some reason, I decided to download and save most of those results, especially the overall cup results.  His site is gone now along with the wealth of information it once held.  I’m grateful that I copied what I did.

Linda Hobbs
Spring 2017