2020-2021 USTSA Season was cancelled due to COVID

2019-2020 Season Results     National Champions: Farli Boden & Jeffrey Gay (4 time) at Crotched Mountain, NH

2018-2019 Season Results     National Champions: Lyta Foulk (4 time) & Jeffrey Gay at Eldora, CO

2017-2018 Season Results     National Champions: Farli Boden & Cory Snyder (3 time) at Crotched Mountain, NH

2016-2017 Season Results     National Champions: Lyta Foulk & Cory Snyder at Grand Targhee, WY

2015-2016 Season Results     National Champions: Lyta Foulk & Tanner Visnick at Crotched Mountain, MH

2014-2015 Season Results    National Champions: Madi McKinstry (4 time National Champion) & Jeffrey Gay at Sunlight Mountain, CO

2013-2014 Season Results    National Champions: Madi McKinstry & Cory Snyder at Bromley and Haystack, VT

2012-2013 Season Results   National Champions: Madi McKinstry & Jeffrey Gay at Steamboat Springs, CO

2011-2012 Season Results    National Champions: Zoe Taylor & Charlie Dresen at Gunstock, NH

2010-2011 Season Results   National Champions: Madi McKinstry & Shane Anderson at Steamboat Springs, CO

2009-2010 Season Results    National Champions:  Kelsey Schmid-Sommer  (5 time National Champion) & Shane Anderson at Whitefish, MT

2008-2009 Season Results    National Champions: Kelsey Schmid-Sommer & Drew Hauser at Steamboat Springs, CO

2007-2008 Season Results   National Champions: Kelsey Schmid-Sommer & Shane Anderson at Tamarack, ID

2006-2007 Season Results   National Champions: Kelsey Schmid-Sommer & Matt Macartney at Steamboat Springs, CO

2005-2006 Season Results   National Champions: Kelsey Schmid-Sommer & Reid Sabin at Whitefish, MT

2005 and Prior Results

2005 National Champions:   Chris Rice (7 time National Champion) & Larissa Pitton (SUI), Natalie Angell (USA) at Schweitzer Mountain, ID

2004 National Champions:   Reid Sabin and Larissa Pitton (SUI), Carole Hill (USA) at Schweitzer Mountain, ID

2003 National Champions:  Reid Sabin & Carole Hill at Crystal Mountain, WA  

2002 National Champions:   Chris Rice & Carole Hill at Crested Butte, CO

2001 National Champions:   Reid Sabin and Cody Thompson-McCarthy at Crested Butte, CO

2000 National Champions:   Reid Sabin & Carole Hill at Mount Snow/Haystack, VT 

1999 National Champions:   Chris Rice & Cody Thompson at Stevens Pass, WA

1998 National Champions:   Chris Rice & Cody Thompson at Big Mountain, Whitefish, MT

1997 National Champions:    Chris Rice & Heather Paul at Haystack Mountain, VT 

1996 National Champions:  Chris Rice & Heather Paul at Tahoe (Alpine Meadows, Squaw Valley, Ski Homewood)

1995 National Champions:   Chris Rice & Jennifer Borzilleri at Sunday River, MA

1994 National Champions:   Patrick Ledger & Jennifer Borzilleri at Grand Targhee/Jackson Hole, WY

1993 National Champions:   Robbie Brackenhoffer & Shannon Arell at Breckenridge, CO

1992 National Champions:   Peter Mack (Australia) & Ellen Guthrie at Park City and Snowbird, UT 

1991 National Champions:  Armin Bischoffberger & Beth Long Campbell at  Stowe, VT 

1990 National Champions:  Hans Gunleiksrud & Debbie Rounds at Beaver Creek, CO

1989 National Champions:  Chris Larson & Andrea Ryan at Heavenly Valley, CA

1988 National Champions:   Ned Randolph & Heather Laing at Snowbird, UT

1987 National Champions:  Whitney Thurlow (4 x National Champion) & Mindy Bell at Aspen, CO

1986 National Champions:  Whitney Thurlow & Heidi Stuzman at Steamboat Springs, CO 

1985 National Champions:   Whitney Thurlow & Heidi Stuzman at Crested Butte, CO

1984 National Champions:   Whitney Thurlow & Kay Kucera at Crested Butte, CO

1983 National Champions:    Dave Hazeltine & Kate Hasterlick at Crested Butte, CO

1982 National Champions:   Keith Calhoun & Katie Pytel at Snowmass, CO