Jeff Grady – Profile

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO
Home Ski Hill/Resort: Loveland Pass, Colorado
Birthplace: Bloomington, Minnesota
Year of Birth: 1992
Education:Bachelors of Arts Degree in Music Composition – Columbia College Chicago

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My Skiing History:
I grew up Skiing at Hyland Hills in Bloomington, Minnesota. At four years old, my twin brother and I each had our own boots, but only one pair of skis, so we would take turns going up the Bunny Hill with our Dad.

I’ve been an Alpine Ski Instructor for 12 Seasons and an Adaptive Ski Instructor for 3 Seasons.

I’ve only been Telemark Skiing for 2 years, but it’s changed my entire approach and love of Skiing. I embrace and practice many disciplines like Telemark, Acro-Skiing/Ski Ballet, Freestyle and Cross-Country.


My Goals and Motivation:
When I tore my left ACL the day before my PSIA-Rocky Mountain Alpine 1 Certification, I realized I wasn’t the invincible skiier I thought I was. After Surgery, I made it my business to become a stronger Athlete then I was before the tear. This is why I train daily on the Road Bike, at the Climbing Gym or the Kayak in the off-season. We only have one body! It’s my goal to keep mine strong and healthy for a long time.


What I Love about Telemark Racing and Skiing:
Unlike the stiff limitations of Alpine Technique, Telemark Skiing requires precision balance, form and style. Telemark allows the skiier dynamic motion, more aerodynamic position and more stability fore and aft. I tell people it’s like Surfing meets Skiing. Plus, I can traverse Mountains and climb slopes with the same pair of skis!

I’m excited to join the US Telemark Ski Team for the 2019-2020 Season! What makes this team are its Athletes, and they are all a joy to be around!

I raced Alpine growing up, and I know my big mountain Tele experience and high-altitude training will serve me well in the gates!


Interesting Facts About Myself:
– I teach Music and Recording Arts at The Colorado Springs Conservatory
– I have a twin brother
– I enjoy playing the Didgeridoo

Competition Results:
US Telemark National Championships 2019 – Eldora, CO
-First Telemark Race
-Classic Sprint Combined: 2:41