Jeff Grady – Profile

US Team Member: 2020-2022 Seasons
Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO
Home Ski Hill/Resort: Loveland Pass, Colorado
Birthplace: Bloomington, Minnesota
Year of Birth: 1992
Education: Bachelors of Arts Degree in Music Composition – Columbia College Chicago

Personal Sponsors: Zay Skis

USTSA Sponsors:  Karbon, Global Rescue,  Saucer Wax, Minus33, Telemarkdown, 22 Designs

My Skiing History:

I grew up Skiing at Hyland Hills in Bloomington, Minnesota. At four years old, my twin brother and I each had our own boots, but only one pair of skis, so we would take turns going up the Bunny Hill with our Dad.

I’ve been an Alpine Ski Instructor for 12 Seasons and an Adaptive Ski Instructor for 3 Seasons.

I’ve only been Telemark Skiing for 2 years, but it’s changed my entire approach and love of Skiing. I embrace and practice many disciplines like Telemark, Acro-Skiing/Ski Ballet, Freestyle and Cross-Country.

My Goals and Motivation:

It’s all about getting as many days in skiing as I can. Goals are to continue to improve my race technique, speed and strength. I’m hoping to ski Japan in January 2021 and to connect and train with more USTSA Athletes throughout the season.

What I Love about Telemark Racing and Skiing:

Telemark is like Skiing-Nirvana. I love the freedom, the flow and the style. Telemark Racing is a challenge and takes balance, guts and endurance. I’m always learning, improving and pushing what I can do on Telemark skis.

Interesting Facts About Myself:

– I teach Music and Recording Arts at The Colorado Springs Conservatory
– I have a twin brother
– I enjoy playing the Didgeridoo

Competition Results:

2020 Results:

US Telemark National Championships 2020 – Crotched Mountain, NH
– 3rd Overall – Masters Division

2019 Results:

US Telemark National Championships 2019 – Eldora, CO
-First Telemark Race
-Classic Sprint Combined: 2:41