Maria Nappi – Profile

Hometown: Freeport, ME
Home Ski Hill/Resort:  Sugarloaf, ME and Alta, UT
Birthplace: Portland, ME
Year of Birth:  1996
Education: Graduated from Westminster College in spring of 2018 with a BS in Environmental Science.

USTSA Sponsors:  Karbon, Global Rescue,  Saucer Wax, Minus33, Telemarkdown, 22 Designs

Personal Sponsors:  Amalgam Skis
My Skiing History:
I started skiing when I was 10 at Sugarloaf. There was a group of 4 ripping tele skiers that I idolized so by the time I turned 12 I converted to a full-time telemark skier and never looked back. Skiing took over my entire life, my senior year of high school I joined the race team to ski a few extra days a week to meet my goal of 100 days a season which I have done every year since. I moved to Salt Lake City, UT to ski at Alta and go to college. In Utah, I met an amazing community of telemark skiers and was exposed to my first telemark race in 2015. In the tele community, I have been able to grow my skiing in many different aspects including racing, using leather boots and 3 pin bindings, tele snow blading (snolermarking) and big mountain competitions. All of these things and
the amazing group of people I have met keep me in love with the sport.
My Goals and Motivation:
Ski fast, drink good beer, have fun.

What I love about Telemark Racing and Skiing:
The community, the stoke, and being knee-deep every day.


Interesting Facts About Myself:

I am goat mom
I like to surf
Throughout college, I spent over 200 nights in a tent


Competition Results:

2017-18 Season:
1st place Citizens women at Alta