US FIS World Cup Results and Video

January 26

Today was the final day of FIS Telemark racing in the US this year and the event finished with a Sprint.  After two exhausting days of Classic races and rain earlier in the week, the Sprint under blue skies was a welcome relief.  For the second day in a row, the French stood atop the podium.  See the complete results here.


  1. Argeline Tan Bouquet (FRA)
  2. Beatrice Zimmermann (SUI)
  3. Johanna Holzmann (GER)


  1. Phillippe Lau (FRA)
  2. Nicolas Nichel (SUI)
  3. Stefan Matter (SUI)

Jeffrey Gay was the top US racer, breaking into the top ten with a 10th place finish.  Cory Snyder was 13th with Birk Larsen having a great 14th place finish.  Sarah Carley and Sara Godek finished 8th and 9th respectively for the US women.


2018 SugarbushHighlightsDay3
January 25th

Another Classic race was held today under cold blue skies.   The French team claimed the top of the podium today.   See complete results here.


  1. Argeline Tan Bouquet (FRA)
  2. Johanna Holzmann (GER)
  3. Jasmin Taylor (GBR)


  1. Phillippe Lau (FRA)
  2. Nicolas, Michel (SUI)
  3. Bastien Dayer (SUI)

Sarah Carley and Sara Godek finished in 7th and 9th places respectively.  Cory Snyder was 13th, Jeffrey Gay 18th, Birk Larsen 22, with the rest of the US men in 26th through 31st position.

2018 SugarbushHighlightsDay2
January 24, 2018

FIS World Cup racing moved to Sugarbush Resort for three more days of racing.  Today was the Classic event and Jasmin Taylor (GBR)and Jure Ales (SLO) both took their second 1st place finishes of the week, and of their careers.   See the complete results here.


  1. Jasmin Taylor (GBR)
  2. Argeline Tan Bouquet (FRA)
  3. Simone Oehrli (SUI)


  1. Jure Ales (SLO)
  2. Nicolas Michel (SUI)
  3. Stefan Matter (SUI

The US racers placed:  Sarah Carley, 7th, Sara Godek 8th, Cory Snyder 11th, Jeffrey Gay 13th, Birk Larsen 19th, Jacob Carter Gibb 20th, Larry Bosche 24th, Nathan Fogell 25th

2018 SugarbushHighlightsDay1

January 22, 2018

Racing concluded at Suicide Six with a Sprint.  The podium saw skiers from 5 different countries today.  See the complete results here.


  1. Simone Oehrli (SUI)
  2. Jasmin Taylor (GBR)
  3. Argeline Tan Bouquet (FRA)


  1. Nicolas Michel (SUI)
  2. Philippe Lau (FRA)
  3. Trym Nygaard Loeken (NOR)

For the USA, Sarah Carley 8th, Sara Godek 9th, Cory Snyder 12th, Jeffrey Gay 13th, Dyland Weglarz 17th, Birk Larsen 22nd, Jacob Carter-Gibb 24th, Norm Miller 25th, Larry Bosche 26th, Nathan Fogell 27th, Steve Weglarz 29th.

2018 TELEHO_SuicideSixMondayHighliths
January 21, 2018

The exciting Parallel Sprint was held today at Suicide Six.  Johanna Holtzmann (GER) and Nicoles Michel (SUI) were the fastest through all the rounds of the event.  See Complete Results Here.

View the video summary of the day below.


2018 TELEHO_SuicideSixSundayHighliths
Saturday, January 20

The FIS World Cup Sprint was contested at Suicide Six Resort in Vermont on the first day of racing in the US.  On the podium were:

  1. Jasmin Taylor GBR
  2. Johanna Holzmann GER
  3. Argeline Tan Bouquet FRA


  1. Jure Ales SLO
  2. Nicolas Michel SUI
  3. Stefan Matter SUI

For the USA women, Sarah Carley 8th, Sara Godek 9th
Two US Men finished in the top 20 with Cory Snyder 13th, Jeffrey Gay 14th
See Complete Results Here

Video Summary of the day:

2018 SuicideSixSaturdayHighliths