Larry Bosche- Profile

Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Home Ski Hill/Resort:  Squaw Valley
Birthplace: Oakland, CA
Birthdate: 1961
Education: Lewis and Clark College ’83 English and Spanish Literature

USTSA Team Sponsors: Karbon, Global Rescue,  Saucer Wax, Minus33, Telemarkdown, 22 Designs

My Skiing History:   

I learned to ski on alpine equipment at Sugar Bowl, CA at an early age. During college, I enjoyed spending time with the ski team on their race outings although I never raced myself. After graduating I decided I needed a new ski challenge so I started to Telemark with friends at Alpine Meadows. There was a telemark race series happening around Lake Tahoe in the early 90’s and I entered a few races. While I really liked racing, I found it tough going and I did not have access to training.

Fast forward to 2008, and my kids were involved in weekend ski programs at Squaw. I started to show up at the Squaw Master program at Squaw on my telemark equipment. With the advantage of plastic boots and shape alpine skis and lots of practice, running gates was a whole lot of fun. I entered some USTSA races around that time and have been enjoying it ever since.

My Goals and Motivation: 

Since my first race in 2009 I have seen improvement each year I have raced. My goals for the next season are 1) to generate even more speed with consistent training 2) to carry over these gains to the races and 3) to train and race with no or minimal penalties. Additionally in 2019 I am looking forward to attending Telemark races in Europe for the first time.

What I love about Telemark Racing:         

Telemark racing and skiing is a great way to dance down the mountain and provides a novel way of interacting with terrain. It is a great feeling and super fun!

Interesting Facts About Myself:

I also enjoy Master’s alpine ski racing. During ski season I like to alternate training one day Telemark in the GS gates and the next day Alpine in the Slalom gates. I find that Telemark and Alpine skiing complement each other.

In the Spring, I like backcountry skiing. In the Summer and Fall I enjoy waterskiing, hiking and swimming.


Competition Results:

2017 -2018 Season

US Nationals – Crotched Mountain, NH
Sprint Classic #1: 5th place
Sprint Classic #2: 7th place

FIS World Cup – Sugarbush, VT
Classic #1: 24th place
Classic #2: 26th place

FIS World Cup – Suicide Six, VT
Sprint Classic #1: 27th place
Sprint Classic #2: 26th place


2016 – 2017 Season – US Nationals – Grand Targhee, WY:
Classic #1: 6th
Sprint Classic: 8th
Overall: 8th

2015 – 2016 Season – Alta, UT:
Sprint Classic #1: 10th
Sprint Classic #2: 11th

2014 – 2015 Season – FIS World Championships – Steamboat Springs, CO:
Sprint Classic: 30th

2013 – 2014 Season

FIS World Cup – Steamboat Springs, CO:
Classic #1: 19th
Classic #2: 25th

US Nationals – Mt. Bromley, NH:
Sprint Classic #1: 11th
Sprint Classic #2: 13th

US Nationals – Haystack Mt., NH:
Classic #1: 9th
Classic #2: 10th