Noah Block – Profile

US Team Member: 2015 and 2016 Seasons
Hometown: Buffalo, NYNoah 2016 Headshot
Birthplace: Buffalo, NY
Home Ski Hill/Resort: Kissing Bridge
Birthdate: 1998

USTSA Sponsors: Karbon, Global Rescue,  Saucer Wax, SCARPA

My Skiing History:

My dad taught me how to ski at the age of two. After years of begging my father finally agreed to let me ski race. Graduating early from high school to free ski out west, my dad was never exposed to the racing community. However, the awesome KBAC racing program at my home mountain of Kissing Bridge can turn anyone into a racing fan. Starting at the age of ten, I began my alpine racing career under the head coach Andy Minier. I enjoyed traveling around to different mountains and meeting new people. During this time, I finally received my own pair of Telemark skis. Seeing my father, coach, and many relatives ski on nothing else, I thought it would be a good thing to learn. Throughout the late weeknights, and early weekend mornings of training, I always found time to get a run or two in on my Tele’s. Two seasons ago, I finally decided to say goodbye to the alpines. With time to experiment, the technique officially clicked. I haven’t looked back since. I started to mix the passion of skiing gates with my newfound love. I began training regularly again with the alpine team on my Tele’s. I made it out to my first official telemark race in Gunstock, New Hampshire at the end of the 2013 season.

My Goals and Motivation:Noah 2016 Action

A main goal of mine is to be able to race on the World Cup Circuit. I want to be able to compete with the best. I’m fond of traveling, and think there would be nothing better than to combine two of my favorite things. I guess it would also be important to move my way up in the United States first. Aside from being on the mountain, I want to make telemark racing a known discipline. Every year, a few guys at my home mountain try on some of my old telemark gear. I think it’s pretty cool when they pick it up, and gain knowledge of the sport. I can’t wait until I can turn on the TV, and see a telemark race with hundreds of spectators, or better yet, my family and friends watch me.

What I Love About Telemark Racing:

I love the challenge of the sport. I train on whatever gates the alpine team is doing that day. More often than not, I find myself struggling to get through ten meter slalom courses. The feeling when I finally have a nice run through is irreplaceable. The people involved with this sport also make it fun. It’s nice to know everyone is willing to help out, or teach you a new technique.

Interesting Facts About Myself:

Aside from skiing, I play on both the varsity golf and lacrosse teams for my high school. I enjoy sailing in the summer on the Great Lakes. I also love to travel. I have spent time in South Africa, Italy, France, Croatia, Montenegro, and Greece. I’m interested in studying finance and the business world as a whole.Noah 2016 Profile

Competition Results:

2015 Results

Nationals at Sunlight Mountain Resort:
9th Men’s Expert Sprint 1
13th Men’s Expert Sprint 2
11th Men’s Expert Short Sprint
9th Men’s Expert Classic 1
12th Men’s Expert Classic 2

 2014 Results

Nationals at Bromley:
1st Junior’s Sprint Classic 1
1st Junior’s Spring Classic 2
1st Junior’s GS

Nationals at Haystack:
16th Men’s Elite Classic
14th Men’s Elite Classic
19th Men’s Elite GS

2013 Results

Gunstock Mountain Resort:
2nd Junior’s GS 1
2nd Junior’s GS 2