US Team Members Selection

ustst-logo-51The US teams are decided for each year at the end of the previous year’s season. Criteria for selection may be both empirical and subjective utilizing the USTSA points list, the competitor’s previous contract fulfillment and the discretion of the BOD of the USTSA.

To earn points, racers must hold a Competitive License and race at sanctioned USTSA events.  The best points are generally earned by racing at the US Telemark National Championships.

All members must contractually accept their position each season, which will include certain national and international race attendance requirements as well as a participation fee.

Current Teams include the:

“World Cup Team” (previously known as the “A” Team) consists of the very top racers in the country.

The “US Team” (previously known as the “B” Team) includes of the next tier of racers.

The “Development Team” recognizes those athletes who are working to improve their skills and/or act as ambassadors of the sport.  This team combines members of the former Development Team and Regional Team.

More information about USTSA memberships, points calculation and team selection can be found in the USTSA Competition Guide.

If you are interested in being considered for a team position or have additional questions, please contact us at