2014 Steamboat World Cup Concludes

  • February 11, 2014

February 15, 2014, Steamboat Springs, CO – The Telemark World Cup was held this week in Steamboat Springs while the Olympics were being contested in Sochi. Telemark is not an Olympic event and World Cup is the highest level of competition for these athletes. The international field included the top racers from Germany, France, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, Slovenia, Great Britain and the USA.

The second day of racing proved to be the best for the top US racers. This Classic event ran from 2.29 seconds for the fastest racers to over 3 minutes for others. The Classic includes Giant Slalom gates, a 360 degree turn and two long Nordic skating sections. The US men were led by Tanner Visnick of Steamboat Springs with a 7th place finish, his best ever World Cup Finish. The women were led by Madi McKinstry, also of Steamboat Springs, with a 5th place finish.

In all, four races were held this week. Two Classic races were contested at Steamboat Resort and then a Sprint Classic and a Parallel Sprint on Howelsen Hill.

The Parallel Sprint is head- to-head competition on parallel courses with the athletes entering one 360 banked turn, boarder cross style, before finishing a quick Nordic skate to the finish. This event capped off the week of racing. After the qualifying round, US racer Birk Larsen advanced to the final round of 16 men. Madi McKinstry and Sarah Carley of New Hampshire advanced to the final round of 8 women. Conditions were difficult with warm weather and soft snow, and the skiers that had the stamina and could race in the soft conditions were able to advance.

The women’s podium for the Parallel Sprint had Amelie Reymond (SUI) at the top, sweeping all 4 events this week.   Mathilde Ilebrekke (NOR) was in 2nd place and Simone Oehrli (SUI) in 3rd place. Tobias Mueller (GER) finished in first place, his third win of the week, Bastien Dayer (SUI) finished in 2nd place and Clement Bergeretti (FRA) was 3rd.

Other US competitors included Sara Godek of Gilford, NH; Sarah Carley of Brentwood, NH; Devon Wright of Campton, NH; Birk Larsen of Park City, UT; Chris Henery of McCall, ID; Jeffrey Gay and Jack Rosenthal of Steamboat Springs, CO; and Larry Bosche of Berkeley, CA.

Steamboat Springs has been selected by FIS to host the Telemark World Championships in February 2015.



Day 4 – February 14 – Parallel Sprint

Women: 1st Amelie Reymond (SUI), sweeping all 4 events this week. Teammate Simone Oehrli (SUI) was in 2nd place and Mathilde Ilebrekke (NOR) in 3rd place.
Men: Tobias Mueller (GER) finished in first place, his third win of the week, Bastien Dayer (SUI) finished in 2nd place and Clement Bergeretti (FRA) was 3rd.


Day 3 – February 13 – Sprint Classic
Women: 1st Amelie Reymond (SUI),2nd Mathilde Ilebrekke (NOR), 3rd Laura Grenier-Soliget (FRA).  For the US, Madi McKinstry, Sarah Carley and Sarah Godek finished 7th, 8th and 9th respectively. Complete Women’s Results
Men:  1st Philippe Lau (FRA), 2nd Jonas Schmid (GER), 3rd Trym Loeken (NOR). For the US, Tanner Visnick was 17th, Birk Larsen 18th, Chris Henery 21st, Jack Rosenthal 21st.  Complete Men’s Results
Day 2 – February 12 – Classic


Women:  1st Amelie Reymond (SUI), 2nd Mathilde Ilebrekke (SUI), 3rd Simone Oehrili (SUI)  – USA’s Top woman was Madi McKinstry in 5th place
Men:  1st Tobias Mueller (GER), 2nd Bastien Dayer (SUI), 3rd Antoine Bouvier (FRA) – USA’s top man was Tanner Visnick in 7th place.

Day 1 – February 11 – Classic

1st Amelie Reymond (SUI), 2nd Laura Grenier Soliget(NOR), 3rd Mathilde Ilebrekke (SUI) Complete Results for Women

1st Tobias Mueller (GER) ,2nd Jonas Schmid (GER), 3rd Bastien Dayer (SUI)   Complete Results for Men