Competition Guide Updated for 2014 Season

USTSAThe board of directors has approved this year’s Competition Guide which includes a couple of changes that competitors and race organizers should be aware of.

The three major areas of change are:

1.    Incorporation of the Parallel Sprint event points into the formula for determining the National Championship for the Expert category.  So, for example, at Nationals this year there will be 1 GS (Thursday), 2 Classics (Friday), Sprint Classic (Saturday), Sprint Classic (qualifier for Parallel Sprint) (Sunday) and Parallel Sprint (Sunday) which equals 6 races to be included in the National Championship calculation.  For the Experts the National Championship will be determined by the best 5 out of 6 finishes.  For Juniors and Citizens it will be the best 4 out of 5 (excluding the Parallel Sprint, even though there may be a few juniors or citizens competing in the Parallel)  See Sections 5.5

2.    Revision to USTSA National points list.  The Parallel Sprint will NOT be used for National points calculation.  Points will be calculated using a racers best 3 races (but must include 2 of the 3 disciplines:  GS, Sprint and Classic). See Section 10

3.  Added a penalty to the points calculation for a race that does not meet the minimum vertical drop required in the comp guide.  This allows us to run a race on a hill that doesn’t meet our requirements (i.e., a GS on Howelsen Hill), but creates a fair point calculation.  See Section

To read the complete Competition Guide, click here