How I Started Telemark Racing

  • November 24, 2013

Lyta for Tele Website 2013 webI never thought or considered Telemark. You know before I started actually doing it, heck, I didn’t even know there was such thing as telemark racing; and now look at me. My path took a completely different direction then I had ever imagined it would. I will start to win, more and more I will start. But that actually is not all that important to me. The fun is in the race, the people, the places and the entire scene; I never would have thought to be a telemark racer. Want to know what really got me into it? The People. I would never have made it as far as I have without them.

I should probably start with my tele-devo coaches who got me started and convinced me to really like telemark. I haven’t skied on alpine skis for three years now. Then, there is Charles Upson who inspires and motivates me to no limits. He is the best coach I could ever ask for. But he is not the only one who taught me and in a sense built me from the ground up. I am going to start with Zoe Taylor. She was the one who truly taught me what it is to be a telemark racer. She showed meLyta web that racing is not just the Alpine cold shoulder. She taught me sportsmanship and kindness. Madi McKinstry taught me how to be competitive and get into my game. Maggie Doherty who is not on this team this year taught me to get back up whenever I fell because it could be worse. Tanner Visnick taught me how to train hard and never ever give up. Charlie Dresen, who is mentoring the next generation of world cup athletes including his son, taught me honor and discipline. And lastly Jeffrey Gay who taught me to have a light heart and encourage others. I could not be the racer I am today without the knowledge and life lessons they taught me. They made me the racer I am today. I will never stop thanking them!