2012 – 2013

National Champions:  Madi McKinstry and Jeffrey Gay
National Championships:  Steamboat Springs, CO

Overall Champion Men-web

Men’s National Champion Jeffrey Gay. Tommy Gogolen placed 2nd overall and Cory Snyder was 3rd overall.

Overall Champion Women - web

Madi McKinstry is 2013 National Champion with Zoe Taylor in 2nd place overall and Sarah Carley 3rd overall.


Junior Racers – The Future!

Farli Boden – age 12

Cedar Mattole – age 10


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2013 USTSA Points

World Championships – Espot, Spain
US Team Members Madi McKinstry, Zoë Taylor, Tanner Visnick, Cory Snyder, Charlie Dresen and Tommy Gogolen attended World Championships.
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Junior World Championships – Chamonix, France
Madi McKinstry and Jeffrey Gay attended Junior World Championships.
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2013 Madi junior world podium - web

Madi McKinstry claims bronze medal in the Sprint at the 2013 Junior World Championships.

2013 Madi Junior world bronze - web

2013 Team Photo Cropped - corrected-reduced

2013 “A” Team, “B” Team and Devo Team Members – Front Row: Tommy Gogolen, Sarah Carley, Zoe Taylor, Lyta Foulk, Coach Ty Upson, Madi McKinstry, Maggie Doherty. Back Row(s): Charlie Dresen, Cole Schneider, Jeffrey Gay, Tanner Visnick, Jack Rosenthal, Josh Lanzetta, Cory Snyder, Dylan Weglarz, Chris Henery, Birk Larsen.

Team Members:

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US Telemark “A” Team
Madi McKinstry, 18, Steamboat Springs, CO
Zoë Taylor, 17, Atlanta, GA and Steamboat Springs, CO
Charlie Dresen, 49, Steamboat Springs, CO
Jeffrey Gay, 19, Steamboat Springs, CO
Tommy Gogolen, 31, Breckenridge, CO
Birk Larsen, 32, Salt Lake City, UT
Cory Snyder, 20, Franconia, NH

US Telemark “B” Team
Sarah Carley, 16, Brentwood, NH
Maggie Doherty, 30, Whitefish, MT
Chris Henery, 36, McCall, ID
Josh Lanzetta, 34, New Durham, NH
Andrew Minier, 43, Eden, NY
Cole Schneider, 29, Whitefish, MT
Tanner Visnick, 16, Steamboat Springs, CO

US Development Team
Lyta Foulk, 14, Steamboat Springs, CO
Jack Rosenthal, 16, Steamboat Springs, CO
Dylan Weglarz, 15, Durham, NH

Regional Team

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Julie Brown
Sara Godek
Larry Bosche
Scott Edgerton
Mark Haberle
Garrett Long
Jody Miller
Bill Pammer
Nick Resignolo
Keith Rodney
Devon Wright

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