Gate Judge Training

  • February 15, 2013


Gate Judge Instructions

This is a written document with all the instructions that should be provided to the gate judges in a meeting, prior to being placed in position on the hill.  Volunteer Gate Judges may be requested to read this document and watch the following two videos prior to reporting to their gate judging meeting, so they are more prepared for their duties and can ask questions during the meeting.  click here>

Gate Judge Training Video I
This video is posted on the FIS utube site and is an excellent training video for gate judges.  In the USA, we do not have the cell phone program to report penalties.  We often use hand signals to a “zone controller” who then radios the penalties to their zone to the finish for quick results.  The 2nd video shows the hand signals.  In addition, this video does not discuss the rules for a racer who misses a gate and chooses to hike up to the gate line and continue the race.  This video should be used in conjunction with a gatekeeper meeting, held by the Chief Judge to discuss the responsibilities of the gate judges for any specific event.

Gate Judge Training Video II
This video was created by Keith Rodney and shows additional examples of gate and jump penalties as well as the hand signals used by gate judges.