Competition Guide Update for 2012-2013

USTSAThe USTSA Board of Directors has updated the Competition Guide to provide clarification, reflect FIS rule changes, include the new Parallel Sprint Classic rules as well as additions to our safety rules for helmets and concussions.

While all athletes are expected to read and understand the all of the rules included in the Competition Guide, the following is a summary of the changes included in this revision.  To view the revised Competition Guide, click here>

1.        At one time, FIS Telemark renamed the Giant Slalom to “Telemark”.  Because this is no longer a FIS race, we’ve changed it back to Giant Slalom for clarity.

2.       Changed the term “Elite” to “Expert”.

3.       Section 1.2.3 – International racers at US Races

4.       Section 6.2 – Telemark Turn Rule – replaced the entire section with FIS wording.

5.       Section 6.3.6 – Removed the old “Fall” rule which was only in place briefly and no longer accurate.

6.       Section – 360-turn – Added language to clarify that the racer must cross their own tracks at the end of the 360 – turn.

7.       Section 7.1.1 and 8.1.1 is the Helmet Rule.  USSA rules now require “Helmets must cover the head and ears.  USTSA’s rule now reads that all competitors should wear helmets that cover the head and ears (hard ear covering) and do not have spoilers or edges that stick out.  Competitors in Expert classification must wear helmets that cover the head and ears (hard ear covering.  Helmets with spoilers or edges that stick out are not permitted in the Expert classification.

8.       Section 7.1.11 – New language added regarding concussions.  If an athlete appears to suffer a concussion during training, race or other USTSA activity, they must be removed from participation from any USTSA event, seek medical evaluation, and not return until cleared in writing by a qualified medial professional.

9.       Section 7.8 – The FIS rules for the Telemark Parallel Sprint were added in their entirety. (replacing some old wording about Dual Version of Sprint Classic).  This includes the changes made at the spring FIS meeting in Korea.  Other language throughout the comp guide was modified to reflect the addition of the Parallel Sprint to our list of races.

10.   Section 10.4 – The National points list – This was what was approved by the board last season, we just haven’t published it in the comp guide yet.

11.   Section 11 – replaced “purchase uniforms for a price” to “pay a participation fee”

12.   Section 12.2 – eliminated section about World Championships because it refers to a quota system of athletes which has not been in effect for many years.