Outdoor Retailer – Day 3

USTSAToday was the third day of the Outdoor Retailer industry trade show here in SLC. Elisabeth and I have spent a couple hours each day wandering the exhibitors/vendors. It always amazes me with the amount of really, REALLY cool gear there is out there-for EVERYTHING! Honestly, it feels like there could not be the continual evolution and creation of products but every year I’m amazed.

We also have several friends in the outdoor industry we’ve come to look forward to seeing, speaking and hanging out with, and in some cases evening getting to dine or share a beverage with. It’s really fun watching companies grow and transform from year to year as well.

It’s also a time I like to try to say thank you to our sponsors and speak with potential new ones. I’ll even say it again, THANK YOU! It can be a bit chaotic but the last day and a half are always the best. Most of the deals have been done, everyone relaxes, the beer starts flowing, the music gets louder. This afternoon was one of those days. A good day to be in Utah!