USTSA Memberships

Support the United States Telemark Ski Association with your membership.We are working hard to bring you telemark news, training tips and races in the US.  With new energy in New England, we hope to add a couple of races in the east as well as building events in the west.  We have memberships for all levels of interest.  For the very competitive, including those who want their points tracked for the season, the Competitive Membership is for you.  Are you an alumni team member?  We could sure use your support through an Alumni Membership at $20 for the year.  Juniors, age 14 and under can get started with a Junior Membership at $20.  Family, friends and general supporters of the sport can purchase a voting membership at $30.  Prices do increase October 1 for the Voting membership and the Competitive Membership.

Competitive Membership:

$60 per year if purchased prior to October 1, $90 per year if purchased after October 1 Competitive License holders have the voting rights of a voting membership. In addition, Competitive members have the following: • Points for all USTSA Sanctioned races and FIS World Cup Races will be calculated and tracked. • Eligible for consideration as a US Team Member (A Team, B Team, Development Team) • Eligible to race in the Expert Category at US Telemark National Championships.

Junior Membership:

$20 for a Junior Membership year round • Youth, 14 and under would be eligible for a discounted membership. Junior members would not be eligible for US Team positions, including the Development Team. To be considered for the Development team, a racer must have a full competitive membership • Junior members will not have voting privileges.

Alumni Membership:

$20 annual membership fee for prior members of USTSA team. Fee would be the same, regardless of the time of the year the fee was paid. There will be no penalty for a mid-season registration. • Alumni membership would not include points carryover. Racer would need to buy an event license at each race or purchase a full Competitive Membership to avoid USTSA points retention rules. • Alumni members would be considered Voting Members under the bylaws

Voting Membership:

$30 per year if purchased prior to October 1, $45 per year if purchased after October 1 • Voting members support USTSA and have a vote at the Annual General Meeting held in conjunction with the US National Telemark Championships. • Voting members will not have points tracked. • Voting members will not be eligible for US Team Positions • Voting members are not eligible to race in the elite category at Nationals • Voting members are usually family members, and friends of racers or people who want to support USTSA.


Note: If you have any trouble with the membership purchase process, email