Wanted: Volunteers

USTSAHELP WANTED:  Volunteers to Assist the Board of USTSA maintain and grow the professional organization that we have become.  As we grow, we need to spread the workload to members and volunteers.  We have no paid staff members.  This is your organization, take a look and see what you might do to help.

QUALIFICATIONS:  Enthusiasm, love of the sport, and some time to help out.

1.       Website – Maintain Events Section

a.       Post USTSA Sanctioned events on USTSA website calendar of events.
b.      Post FIS World Cup Telemark events on the USTSA website, calendar of events.
c.       Search the web for non-USTSA Telemark events and post them on the USTSA website calendar.
d.      Post reminder of events on US Team Facebook page the week or two prior to the event.

2. Team Contracts and Paperwork for A, B, Development and Regional Team members

a.       Revise Team Contracts and paperwork (Emergency Contact Form, Size Form, Biography) per Board of Directors.
b.      Email and Mail USPS Contract Packets.
c.       Track return of Contracts and other required information.
d.      Follow up, follow up and follow up again with team members until all documents and payments are submitted to USTSA.
e.      Maintain team information and biographies on website.

4.      Organize Regional Race at your local/nearby hill

Review the Race Organizer Guide on the website for additional information.

5.     Public Relations

a.    Assume responsibility for issuing press releases following USTSA Sanctioned races and World Cup races where the US has competitors.
b.    Submit Articles for the USTSA newsletter and website.
c.     Submit Articles to print and online publications.
d.    Post on Facebook page to help keep it current.
d.    Other ideas?

7.     Coordinate “Reach Out” effort to other youth programs.

a.    Determine where there are youth programs that we can reach out to.
b.    Work with the Board to develop an annual budget and a plan (short term and long term) to visit these programs with some of our racers.

8.    Maintain the Photo section of the website using Flickr account

a.    Collect photos throughout the year from various sources, usually parent photographers and racers.
b.    Prepare link from website to photographer’s host site (Picasa) and/or upload and organize photos to USTSA’s Flickr site.
d.    This tends to happen towards the end of the season and soon after the season when photographers have time to organize their photos and send them to you.

9.    Videography

a.    Create a gate judge training video  (Thanks Keith Rodney for taking on this project)
b.    Produce video to be used on website, YouTube  to promote USTSA, might also be used with sponsors.
c.     Other projects as needed

10.  Help build the USTSA historical timeline

a.    Contact former racers to gather written stories, photos, news clippings to help build a historical timeline.
b.  Help build webpages that include photos, text, news clippings representative of a year in the history, or a person in the history, or a specific event which will tie back to the timeline.  (This is easier than it sounds and is done in English, not HTML)

11.   Uniforms

Depending on what we decide to do about team uniforms moving forward, there may be an opportunity to coordinate the following:
a.    Coordinate embroidery of logos on uniform (currently there is an Embroider in Whitefish who donates this service for A,B, Devo team jackets)
b.    Sewing on sponsor patches, or arranging a seamstress to sew on.  (Currently Linda sews them on the jackets.
c.     Distribute to team members

Specific Skills or Experience:

1.            Graphics Designer for making posters and brochures
2.            Insurance Industry
3.            Writer – Magazine articles and Press Releases
4.            Television Industry