Thoughts for the pre-season

  • November 15, 2011

USTSAWith full-time ski season right around the corner (I’m on day 2 so far this season), I have been watching a lot of the video from the end of the year last year from training at Kvitfjell and Hafjell in Norway, as well as the world cups at Hafjell, and I have come up with a few things that I need to work on to be faster this year.
-controlling and quieting my upper body, specifically my arms, throughout the second half o of the turn,
-leading with the hips and chin on the jump,
-cleaning up the area in between the gates, finishing turns, and taking that energy across the hill into new turns, and then not scrubbing all that speed.  Being an east coaster, I sometimes have trouble be light on my skis, esspecially at the top of the turn.  I need to work on the timing of when to and when not to pressure the edge.

There are a few other things that I will probably pick out later, but duty calls and I have to be a student for a few more short weeks here before I can put too much time into skiing!

Next weekend I am going to Boston with Alabaster Blue (my a cappella group) and recording the first half of our newest album!  Look for it spring 2012!!