Preparing your skis for summer storage

USTSASki care is very important; almost as important as training your mind and body. In the winter, as you probably already know, it is important to wax your skis lots so that they don’t dry out. This should get done about once every seven trainings at a minimum. If you don’t wax your skis and ski hard on them they can dry out and get base burn (white stuff on the base of your ski) which is not fast. What many people don’t know is that skis can dry out without skiing on them. This doesn’t matter in between ski days but it can have a real impact on skis in storage for months at a time, especially over the summer.

The way to prevent this is to put a coat of warm wax, saucer red  on your skis just before those long storage times. Also if you have a warm place to store them this will let the wax soak into your bases making them even faster next season. If you find the time during the summer it is also a good idea to re-wax your skis and this will also let more wax soak in. This also makes your skis faster. The more time that you put in off the hill the more time you can take off in the race course.