2011 US Telemark National Championships

USTSAMcKinstry sweeps Nationals events – Jeffrey Gay wins today’s GS, but Shane Anderson is National Champion – March 27
An exciting end to the National Championships with the GS today.  Madi McKinstry stands on top of the podium for the 4th time this weekend, followed by Zoe Taylor and Maggie Doherty.  The overall results for the women were the same as today’s races with Madi as the National Champion, Zoe in 2nd and Maggie in 3rd.  Jeffrey Gay upset the men’s field with  two ripping, penalty free runs.  He edged out Cory Snyder in 2nd and Shane Anderson in 3rd.  The overall results however, put Shane Anderson as the repeating National Champion, Cory Snyder in 2nd and Jeffrey Gay in 3rd.  The men’s citizen’s group was very competitive this weekend with Eric Powers winning the GS today, George Clark in 2nd place and Tim Boden in 3rd place.  While Scott Edgerton did not finish today’s race after a painful fall, he did capture the overall title based on his performance in the previous 3 races.  The Overall title is based on the best 3 of 4 races during the event.  Seven junior racers, most under the age of 14 raced this weekend and reminded us all that they are the future of this sport.  Congratulations to Lyta Faulk, Carolyn Walters, Farlie Boden, Hadley McGee, Hill Fitzgerald, Matthew Resignolo and U17 racer Jack Rosenthal for their great racing.

McKinstry and Anderson win again in today’s Classic – March 26, 2011
Madi McKinstry wins again with a margin of nearly 7 seconds.  But the next 3 places were all within a tenth of a second difference with Zoe Taylor finishing 2nd, Annicy Hillmuth in 3rd and Erika Walters in 4th.  The men’s race was very close with the top three racers within1 second with Anderson in 1st, Charlie Dresen in 2nd and Jeffrey Gay in third.  Lyta Foulk was the top Junior woman (age 13 and under)  racer followed very closely by Carolyn Walters in 2nd and  Farli Boden in 3rd.  Hill Fitzgerald was the fastest U13 Junior with Matthew Resignolo right behind him.

Madi McKinstry and Shane Anderson – Dual Slalom Champions, March 25, 2011
Today’s race had two phases.  The first two runs, one on the red course and one on the blue course determined the points winners for this year’s Dual Slalom Championships.  Close behind McKinstry was Zoe Taylor by less than a 10th of a second.  Erica Walters placed third.  Charlie Dresen finished behind Shane Anderson by 6 100ths of a second with Cory Snyder in 3rd place.    The junior girls demonstrated some strong and competitive racing with Carolyn Walters, sister of Erika finishing in first, Lyta Foulk in 2nd and Farli Boden in 3rd and Hadley McGee in 4th.  Larry Bosche led the citizen racers during this phase of racing.

Following the first two runs, racers were put into brackets to continue racing in a single elimination “King and Queen of the Hill” round of racing.  In this round, the elite women held their same positions as the earlier round with some incredibly close times.  Madi McKinstry was the Queen of the hill, followed by Zoe Taylor and Erika Walters who finished her last two runs missing a ski pole.  Repeated rounds may have take its toll on some of them men who would have taken 12 runs during the day to become the King of the Hill.  Shane Anderson claimed “King of the Hill” as the fastest skier each of the 6 elimination rounds with Joel Nylander in 2nd and Peter McMahn in 3rd.  The junior girls held their same positions, but in the citizen’s class, Scott Edgerton edged out Larry Bosche in a very tight race.

Madi McKinstry and Cory Snyder finish on top – Sprint Classic Championships!  March 24, 2011
The Sprint Classic was held today in Steamboat Springs today with Madi McKinstry of Steamboat finishing in first place for the women, followed by Zoe Taylor also of Steamboat in 2nd and Maggie Doherty of Whitefish in 3rd.  Cory Snyder of Franconia, NH finished in first place for the men, with Shane Anderson of Steamboat and Cody WY in 2nd and Tommy Gogolen of Breckenridge in 3rd.  There were 3 junior women, under the age of 13 competing today.  Lyta Foulk of Steamboat was the fastest junior followed by Farli Boden of Sandpoint Idaho in 2nd and Hadley McGee in 3rd.

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