Mid season Update

USTSAIt was been quite a long season for me.  I did not exactly get the season off to a great start with a disappointing race in the beginning of the season at Steamboat Springs, then in the first races in Germany I had two crashes, but one really fast run.  So I at least took something good out of those races, but still not what I was looking for.  In Austria I was at least able to finish races, but I got killed by penalties.  In one race I dropped from 4th to 17th, with penalties that I could not explain.  Switzerland, France, and Spain were a little better, but I stilled struggled with crashes, equipment problems, and stupid mistakes.  In the middle there I did get to ski some sweet powder in Austria, maybe thats what screwed me up?  I am now in Norway training and preparing for World Cup Finals/World Junior Championships, and World Championships in the next couple of weeks at Hafjell and Rjukan.  Hopefully I can finally ski the way I know I can!