Patella Plus Knee Braces will protect US Team

  • December 17, 2010

USTSA and Fluid Forms, Inc of Boulder, CO have partnered for the 2011 season to provide the newest in knee protection techology for the US National Team.  These braces are an outgrowth of Fluid Forms original product, Patella Digs, impact braces for volleyball players and wrestlers.

The new Patella Plus Perfomance Braces were specifically developed for any snow enthusiast who pushes their knees to the limits.  The Patella Plus Braces are the first to provide a surprising level of patella stabilization, plus they add superb impact protection.   Patented “bead” technology creates an incredibly lightweight brace/pad that that can literally mold itself to your knee.

Unique to the the US National Telemark team, a separate, patented “fluid pack” insert provides the next generation of impact protection and support to the knee.  The Patella Plus Braces fit under the speed suit and allow for a complete range of motion.

USTSA is thrilled to be working with Fluid Forms as they develop this new product for the snow sports industry.  Fluid Forms is a Silver Level Sponsor for the 2010-2011 Season.