Searching for past team members, team photos and results

  • September 18, 2010

1993 European Championships – La Plagna: Dennis Macintosh, Harry Hamill, Sarah Bennett, Beth Anne Dougherty, Brandy Haddick, Claude Muff, ?, Chris Rice, Chris Larsen, Ellen Guthrie, Dean Derosier, Art Burrows, Tory Hauser and Rob Westermann

Do you know who the team members were during  the 2004-2005 Season?  How about 1999 through 1994?  USTSA is working to compile team lists and hopefully some team photos for all US Telemark Teams.  We know you former team members are out there and can help us.  This is a little like trying to find old classmates for a reunion.  Except we aren’t planning a reunion.  But, you are always welcome to attend Nationals to ski, volunteer or socialize, because Nationals is often times a bit of a reunion.

We have names for a team members in 1988, but then have a gap from 1989 until the 1993-94 Season.  This goes a little bit farther back in time, but we’re sure that some of you will remember the years that you participated and who your teammates were.  So please help us put this history together.  We owe a big THANK YOU to Lauren Head who provided the team lists for 1994-1998!  To see our current list, click here>

We would also love to post some team photos, group or individual photos for these years.  If you have any photos that you can scan and send us, we’d love to post them!

USTSA is also working to compile a complete list of US Telemark National Champions.  Tory Hauser, who has attended more National Championships than anyone, has compiled a partial list, but we are still missing some information.  If you can help us fill in the blanks, it would help us honor all National Champions and help us maintain the history of our sport!  To view the current list of National Champions, click here>

If you have any information that will help us fill in any of the missing pieces, or if you have photos, please contact Linda Hobbs.