Katie Ross – Biography

  • September 10, 2010

US Team Member: 2010 – 2012 Seasons

Hometown:    Steamboat Springs, CO
Birthplace:     Oak Harbor, Washington
Birthdate:     November 1st, 1993

USTSA Sponsors: Karbon, Global Rescue, CW-X Conditioning Wear, SCARPA, Back Country Access, Saucer Wax, Smartwool Socks

My Skiing History:
I started skiing when I was five at various mountains all over North Carolina. They were mostly bunny hills and very slushy but it was enough to keep my interest. When my family and I moved to Colorado in 2001, I joined the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club and raced alpine for about four years. It was fun for a while but definitely wasn’t for me, so I decided to try Telemark Skiing when I was twelve. My first event with Telemark Racing was the Telemark Nationals at Steamboat and I racked up the seconds and penalties big time. Since then I have been working hard on improving my technique and “lighting the fire”, as Charlie Dresen famously phrases it.

My Goals and Motivation:
My goal is to constantly improve. There is so much to learn in the sport because it is so intricate and complex, which makes it impossible to get bored! My motivation is to be an expert in something that very few people in the world can even do. Whenever I tell people what I do, they all share the famous shocked expression and declare what a hard sport it is and how fun it looks. This reaction gives me such pride in what I do and I hope to continue Telemark Racing for as long as I can.

Young Women Athletes at 2010 World Cup
Why do I Telemark Race?
I love that fact that Telemark Racing is a growing sport, and all of my team members and I are here to introduce it to the world and show them what we do. It is such an elaborate discipline and in order to be in shape for it, your body has to know how to do everything, and well. Lastly, I love it because it’s hands down the coolest sport out there.

Interesting Facts About Myself:
Besides Telemark Racing I do a lot. At Steamboat Springs High School I have been a member of Girls Volleyball, Varsity Tennis Team, Cross Country, and I have swam for 9 seasons on Steamboat Springs Summer Swim Team. Also Member of the Steamboat High School Ski Team for 2 years racing only on Telemark Skis. I run ,sail, and surf. The other part of my life, not involving sports, orbits mainly around music. I’ve been writing my own songs for two years now and have been on stage both  performing in plays or musicals at High School and Perry Mansfield Performing Arts Camp. I have  opened for concerts.  I’m also a member of the National Honor Society for Steamboat Springs High School.

Competition Results:

1st place, Girls 13-17 Sprint Classic, Telemark Nationals in Tamarak
1st place, Women’s J1 GS, Steamboat Springs 2008
3rd place, Women’s J1 Sprint Classic, Steamboat Springs 2008
3rd place, Girl’s 13-17, Sunlight Sprint Classic
2nd place, Women’s Non-Alpine division, NASTAR Nationals
3rd place, Women’s Non-Alpine division, NASTAR Nationals
14th place Sprint Classic, Steamboat Springs/Keystone World Cup 2010