Regional Team Members Announced

The Board of Directors of USTSA is pleased to announce the members of the 2010 Regional Team.  This year will be the first that USTSA has had a Regional Team and “we are happy to have this group of dedicated athletes accept a position on our first Regional Team,” said Russ Hobbs, President of USTSA.

The intent of the Regional Team is to recognize athletes, of any age, that have demonstrated a commitment to the sport of telemark racing and continue to improve their skills.  Regional Team members typically have a long term goal of being selected as a member of the USTSA A, B or Development Team.  Regional team members will be ambassadors of the sport and of USTSA at their home ski area and the surrounding region.

This team is well balanced, with three former team members, three elite racers who are working towards the goal of a National Team position and two Junior racers.  The team members train and ski in a variety of regions across the United States with three in the north-east, two in Colorado as well as  racers in Utah, Nevada and Montana.

Roy McKinstry of Steamboat Springs will be the Regional Team Coordinator.

Congratulations to the 2010 USTSA Regional Team.

Andy Minier – Eden, New York
Joel Nylander – Bountiful, Utah
Max Shefte-Jacobs – Burlington, Vermont
Cole Schneider –  Whitefish, Montana
Karl Geisler – Reno, Nevada
Josh Lanzetta  – New Dunham, New Hampshire
Katie Ross – Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Nick Resignolo -Breckenridge, Colorado