David Hobbs – Profile

David Hobbs
US Team Member: 2006-2008, 2009 Seasons

Hometown:     Whitefish, Montana
Birthplace:      Seattle, Washington
Birth Year:      1988

USTSA Team Sponsors:  Karbon, Global Rescue, CW-X, Conditioning Wear, Garmont, Saucer Wax, Smartwool Socks
Personal Sponsors: Whitefish Mountain Resort, Kris Holm Unicycles and The White Room

My Skiing History:
 I started alpine skiing at six years old and was in ski school until eighth grade. In middle school I got bored with alpine skiing and wanted something new. I switched to Telemark and took more lessons through ski school. Three years later I made the National B Team for the 2005-2006 season. David at 2009 US National Championships

My Goals and Motivation:
I ski because it makes me happy.  I enjoy pushing myself mentally and physically to see how well I can perform.  Skiing provides the necessary release from the stresses of college.  My goals have two levels, the first one is to compete at as high of a level of competition as I am capable. The second is to have fun.  I find big jumps and high speeds to be extremely enjoyable. One of my goals is to maintain the balance between training and enjoying myself on my skis.

Why do I Telemark Race?
I am an adrenaline addict.” I love to go fast and the extreme challenge of racing well on tele gear forces me to push myself both mentally and physically. I thrive on this kind of challenge.
Photo by Eric Wall
Interesting Facts About Myself: I have a history of large, traumatic injuries. I broke my back racing in 2007 at World Cup Finals in Germany. I had two surgeries to treat compartment syndrome in my thigh as well in 2007. This was a separate, slacklining accident. I participate in many other activities that some would consider ‘extreme.’ I am a rock climber, downhill mountain biker, slack liner, unicyclist, and white water kayaker.

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Competition Results:

2009 Telemark Nationals – Steamboat, CO, 9th overall.
2009 Selkirk Classic 1st

2008 Telemark Nationals – Tamarack, ID – 7th overall
2008 Selkirk Classic 1st

2007 US Nationals- Steamboat, CO
7th Overall
4th Giant Slalom
6th Sprint Classic
5th Classic
14th Slalom

2007 World Cup Finals-Oberjoch, Germany
29th Giant Slalom

2006 World Cup Telemark-Kvitfjell, NO
25th Giant Slalom
22nd Classic

2006 World Cup Telemark-Rjukan, NO
27th Giant Slalom
24th Sprint Classic

2006 World Cup Telemark-Kimberly, B.C.
24th Giant Slalom
20th Sprint Classic

2006 World Cup Telemark- Schweitzer, ID
19th Giant Slalom
25th Sprint Classic
22nd Classic

2006 Telemark Nationals – Whitefish, MT
12th Overall
13th Sprint Classic
10th Giant Slalom
10th Slalom
9th Classic

2005 Telemark Nationals:
Giant Slalom – 2nd Junior
Slalom – 2nd Junior
Classic -1st Junior