Kare’s Race and Gunstock Race Results

Telemark skiers in the east had two opportunities to race in February this year.

The first race was Kare’s 24th Annual Race at Bromley Mountain on February 22.  This race is one of the longest running races in the US and had 44 participants ranging in age from 11 year old Tess Braddish to a couple of racers in their 60s.  Margaret Schlachter won the Women’ s Elite classification.  Former US Team member Andy Minier posted the fastest time in the Men’s Elite class followed by current US Devo team member Cory Snyder in 2nd place and Mark Haberly, another former US Team racer  in 3rd position. Sara Ineson finished in 1st place in for the Women’s Citizens, followed by Rachel Rodney in 2nd and Tabi Freedman in 3rd..  Eleven year old Tess Braddish finished in 4th position with fewer gate penalties than any of the other women.  Tess must have a good teacher because, Grant Braddish finished in 1st place for the Men’s Citizen’s group.  He was followed by Greg DeCell in 2nd and Rick Gordon in 3rd place.  Some honorable mentions should go to 12 year olds Nicholas Parente and Koby Gordon and 14 year old Greg Wartihger…..it is wonderful to see young people enjoying this sport!

The second race was a Sprint Classic which was hosted by Gunstock Mountain on February 28.  This race was attended by 19 racers and was a great experience for the predominately citizen and youth racers.  14 year old Rachel Roberson was the only Youth Female in the mix and her time put her in the middle of the pack for the adult women.  In the Youth Male class, Andy Upton  (16) raced to a 1st place finish followed by Carl Heath (14) in 2nd.  Sperry Taylor (16)got one run in on the day, but was not able to complete the race.  The largest category of the day was Men’s Citizens in which Erik Hall raced to 1st place followed by Greg Hillson in 2nd and then Edward Sperry in 3rd.