USTSA Needs Your Help

USTSA will hold our annual general meeting of all members on Thursday, February 26 at 5:00 in Olympian Hall on Howelsen Hill in Steamboat Springs.   This is the one time of the year that all members get together to shape the direction of the organization.

This year, two key posts will be up for election.  Christopher Ulm, our President since 2003, has decided not to run again.  The Board of Directors has recruited Russ Hobbs, current Treasurer, to run for the President position.  Paul Lamb is our current Vice President and he is retiring as well.  Eric Lamb, our current Secretary, is going to run for this position.  Ken Gay, father of Development Team member Jeffrey Gay has agreed to run for the vacated Treasurer position. Josh Lanzetta, former collegiate alpine racer turned tele racer and recent law school graduate will run for the 1 year Secretary position.

Our bylaws indicate that the President and Vice President are elected for two year terms in one year and the Secretary, Treasurer and Events Director are elected for two year terms in the alternate years.  As the Treasurer and Secretary positions are being vacated in an “off year”, the successful candidates will need to stand for election again at the 2010 AGM.

We encourage athletes, former athletes and parents to get involved.  If you are not comfortable with the commitment of joining the board, we ask that you consider volunteering to help with committees.  Ongoing work on sponsorship will be managed by Eric Lamb and Paul Lamb will continue his involvement as the head of the rules / judging committee.

This is your organization.  The more involvement we have, the stronger the organization will be.  If you are interested in helping the organization in any way, please contact any of the current board members.

Christopher Ulm, President

Paul Lamb, Vice President

Eric Lamb, Secretary

Tory Hauser, Events Director

Russ Hobbs, Treasurer