Kelsey emails results from French races

  • December 15, 2008

Hi from Thyon,
We  arrived in Thyon last night.  The races went ok for the three of us in Chamonix.  The snow was excellent and the course had lots of flat sections.  The competition is stiff this year.  There are 22 women racing and 55 men.  The first race was a sprint and Kelsey came in 7th, Suzanne 17th, and Pete had a fall and came in 24th.  The next day was a classic and Kelsey fell in the rap and got an 8th, Suzanne came in 15th, and Pete was 20th.  For the top three results the women in the sprint were 1-Sigrid, 2-Amelie, and 3-Anne Marriet.  The men were 1-Eric Rykhus, 2-Boerge, and 3-Mattias.  The classic top women were 1-Sigrid, 2-Amelie, 3-Katinka.  For men it was 1-Mattias, 2-Harold, and 3-Boerge.

We have a gs tomorrow and then a classic.  Suzanne and I are going to just lay it out there with nothing to lose.  And then the classic no falling!  Hope all is well with you and I will send all of the final results when the races are over.  —-Kelsey