Ken Recker – Biography

  • November 17, 2008

Ken Recker
Name: Ken Recker
Hometown: Clark, CO
Birthdate: 11/2/70
Birthplace: Billings MT
Height: 5’9”
150 lbs.
Education: Summit High School
Home Ski Area: Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Sponsors: Karbon, Global Rescue, Garmont, CW-X Conditioning Wear, Saucer Wax, Smartwool Socks

Skiing History:

I turned into an avid skier my senior year of High School. Once I became accustomed to Alpine skiing, I decided to pursue the sport of telemarking. From that point forward telemark became my style of choice. After a year in the sport, I began competing, and have never looked back. I started coaching six years ago, when I saw the opportunity to bring more individuals into this great sport.

My Goals and Motivation:
My goal is to always have fun and move myself forward as an athlete and as a coach.I have always naturally challenged myself, and I feel more fulfilled when I give that same will to others.My drive for coaching comes from the spirit I see in the kids I work with.When I see that same spark that I have, in their eyes right before they race, I am rewarded.

Why do you Telemark Race?
I telemark race because I love competition and I love the sport.

Interesting Facts about yourself:
My last name speaks for itself.

Competition Results:

  • Copper Mountain: January 2007 3rd in SL, 3rd GS, 5th SC
  • US National March 2007 6th GS, 4th SL
  • Two time winner of the Telemark revival