Big Sky Brewing – Key 2009 Sponsor

Big Sky Brewing Co. of Missoula Montana will partner with USTSA again for the 2008-2009 season.  “We are fortunate to be working with  a company that wants to promote Telemark racing along with their beer and is willing to provide the funds for us to cover our insurance costs” says Russ Hobbs, Treasurer of USTSA.  Our goal is to use this money and the insurance it purchases to increase the number of sanctioned races that are offered across the country, exposing more skiers at all levels to the sport of Telemark racing.  Kris and Bjorn Nabozney, owners of Big Sky Brewing Co, are avid Telemark skiers and enjoy the races they are able to attend.  Last season, Big Sky created a wonderful banner to be displayed at USTSA sanctioned events which included a Telemarking Moose and a “More Cowbell” Slogan.  This wonderful design attracted so much attention that we have incorporated it into the header at  We will be working with Big Sky Brewing Co. to use the “More Cowbell” artwork to make bumper stickers and t-shirts for purchase.  Look for these products in the coming months.