Max Shefte-Jacobs – Profile

  • September 15, 2008

US Regional Team Member: 2008-2010 Seasons

Hometown: Golden, CO
Birthplace: Denver, CO
Home Ski Area: Loveland
Birth Year: 1991

Skiing History:
I’ve been skiing since I was 3, and telemarking since I was 9. I skied on Loveland’s development team in the 2003/2004 season, and I skied with Team Summits tele team during the 05/06 and the 06/07 seasons.

Goals, Attitude and Motivation:
My goals are to keep improving by trying new approaches to my skiing, and to always keep it fun. I wouldn’t change the way I ski if it would mean not having as much fun. Fun is also my motivation. It feels great to have success so in competitions I strive to get that feeling.

Why do you Telemark Race?
I telemark race because it makes me different from other skiers. Anytime I enter an alpine competition every thinks it is so cool that I’m on teles. But the main reason is it is more fun than any sport I have ever participated in. I love skiing in big mountain competitions as well.

Interesting Facts about yourself:
I work at the ski & kayak shop, Alpenglow. I also crochet hats to sell, and play the guitar. I am sponsored by Versalayer clothing, and Scottybob skis.

Competition Results:
I’ve been competing since I started teleing, starting with Loveland’s 3-Pin Grin. I have won four out the last five, but Drew Hauser beat me last year. In the past two years at the Extreme Freeskiing Telemark championships I got a fifth and a sixth. At last years Rocky Mountain Freeheel Throwdown I was second overall. Last year at nationals I was fifth overall