Training Tips

Dryland Training

Getting yourself fit for telemark sking before getting on the slopes will help you be more productive once you get on the snow.  A season of biking, hiking, climbing or swimming keeps you in good shape, but is not specific to Telemark skiing or racing.  Check out these videos and articles to see what you can be doing to begin the season in the best telemark condition possible.

Workout Video from Charlie Dresen

Telemark Conditioning for Strength, Agility, Power and Quickness

Prepared by Charlie Dresen, USTSA 2012 National Champion

Pre Season Training - The Brothers Lau

See what the Lau Brothers of France do to prepare for their season. Who can forget seeing all three brothers on the podium in Steamboat Springs in 2010.

Preseason Training for Telemark Racing by Tory Hauser

Training on the Snow

Lindsey Vonn training and the application to Telemark racing.
Comments by Charlie Dresen, 2012 US Telemark National Champion

Hips square to hill (always facing down the hill)

Quiet upper body. Her arms and upper torso are very quiet. No extra movements to throw her off balance

Firm contact with the snow. Compression / extension and always moving down the hill into the next turn

Line – not too straight, not too round. She’s prepared and set up for each turn. Stop the video at :16 seconds. See her line is  above the lines in the snow and does not scrub speed at the bottom of the turn.

Her legs are like piston – really pushing and pumping the snow. See :21 - :26 seconds. She really works the skis.


In short this is very simple skiing. And very fast skiing.